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Analyzing Lorraine Hansberry's 'A Raisin In The Sun'

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Point 1:
Ruth wants to get rid of her baby while Mama doesn’t want that and Walter doesn’t say anything.
Towards the beginning of the book Ruth gets pregnant but doesn’t want to keep her baby because money issues and it won’t have anywhere to stay in their small house. Ruth tries to keep it a secret but Mama figures it out, but Mama wants her to keep it. When Walter finds this out he can’t even say anything about it so he just walks out. This example would be rated a 2 out of 10 on the family dynamic scale. The family has poor communication in this situation. An example of the Younger family having poor communication would be when Walter just says, “Ruth-,” then walks out (pg 75). He can’t say anything because he is speechless. That shows
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He thinks Bobo came with good news but little does Walter know. Walter figures out that something is up when Bobo asks to talk to him in private. Then Bobo explains what happened and how Willy never showed up at the train station to take the money. After that Walter goes back into the house and breaks the news to his family. When he tells Mama she doesn’t take it very well at all and she gets very upset with Walter. For this situation I would rate them a 3 out of 10 on the family dynamic scale. The family has a very bad coping strategy after they found out the news. An example to back this up is when Mama, “Looks at her son without recognition and then, quite without thinking starts to beat him senselessly in the face.” (pg. 129). Somebody beating someone isn’t a very good way to react to some bad news. The Younger family also doesn’t see the positive in this time in their lives. Beneatha doesn’t see the positive so she lashes out and says, “With a man even Travis wouldn’t have trusted with his most worn out marbles.” (pg. 132) If she saw the positive she wouldn’t have said that to Walter, but there isn’t very much to be positive about right now so I can see where she’s coming from. But, that wasn’t necessary to say to Walter he already feels bad enough as it …show more content…
Mama and Beneatha think that they can’t move anymore because they can no longer pay for their new house. On the other hand Ruth really wants to get out of their old house and move into the new one even though they don’t have the money anymore. She offers options for what she can do to help out the family so they can still move. In this certain moment I would give the family a 7 out of 10 on the family dynamic scale. Ruth shows willingness to push forward in difficult times. The example for this would be Ruth saying, “Lena- I’ll work… I’ll work 20 hours a day in all the kitchens in Chicago… I’ll strap my baby on my back if I have to and scrub all the floors in America and wash all the sheets in America if I have to- but we got to MOVE!” (pg. 140) This shows Ruth wanting to move forward and get out of the house. She is even willing to work very hard at a hard time in her life and she is pregnant on top of it. Another family dynamic that is shown in this situation is problem solving. An example of problem solving is when Mama looks at the situation in a different way than Ruth does. Mama wants to move but she realizes that they can’t afford it so she looks at different options. She says, “We need some new handles on it and then a little varnish and it look like something brand new.” (pg. 140) Mama shows good problem solving because she looks at it realistically and comes up with

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