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Chaffee surmises that online learning is restructuring the landscape of traditional academia. More and more people are taking courses online and the number is growing exponentially. They are several key points that he argues supports his views, which are a changing academic model, cheaper schooling, and the ease of educating.
The traditional academic model is one where we go off to an institution to learn and seek a degree at the end of 4+ years and is becoming outdated. With the onset of online technology the standard classroom has come to the comfort of your own home. Online resources, such as e-books, videotaped lectures, articles, and syllabi are easily obtained through the web. Also the expense of renting space for teaching and activities also disappears. This in turn increases the saving in tuition for most colleges. I agree the this structure of learning is appealing because it offers a wide range of flexibility for todays professional for students looking to streamline there pursuits. The disadvantages would be the loss of the institutionalized experience. The author points out the atmosphere that encouraged intellectual risk taking, research, and academic freedom is in jeopardy of being lost if this form of higher education isn’t continued to be funded (Chaffee, 2012). However is there a place for this academic tradition… Yes!
The cost of school is a huge factor for many students. Money is the primary reason that drives students to choose the school that they pick and is also the reason that many cite as to why they didn’t graduate. Cheaper online education is also making it easier for more individuals whom may not have previously been able to go to school, to earn a degree. The degrees are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional costs to attend. Another factor that drives down the cost of online leaning is that schools do not have to employ…...

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