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Fall 2015: Industry Analysis in Emerging Markets
Your role in this analysis is to work with your team and to look at emerging technologies. From autonomous drones to emergent AI to 3D printers, you are going to research and get a better understanding of our fast-approaching technological future. Scientific American compiled the Top 10 List of Emerging Technologies for 2015. You can start here, but you are not limited to these technologies. You must choose an emerging industry, and will analyze the history of this technology and its industry, the trajectories of the technology, the key competitors, and the trends in the market. The end goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry, the competitive landscape, emerging trends to watch in the future, and an overall assessment as to the attractiveness of this industry. Your final deliverable for this project will be an in-class presentation, due April 26th. 1) What SIC/NAICS code does your industry fall under? 2) Describe your industry- a. Provide a brief history of your industry. (You may use a timeline in a separate appendix) b. List and describe the characteristics of the products your industry offers in the marketplace. c. Who are the key competitors in the industry? d. What are the main differences between the products offered by key competitors? e. What strengths & weaknesses (capabilities, complementary resources, related intellectual property, etc.) does each company have? f. What are the Global Market Shares of Main Competitors?

3) Technology and market evolution
a) Describe the underlying technologies that made possible the development of your industry (if relevant).
b) Describe briefly the trajectories of those technologies.
c) Imagine and describe the possibilities for future development in those technologies.
d) Describe the needs that this industry solves for customers.
e) What other products may solve such needs? Are there substitute products? How compelling are the subsitutes?
f) Imagine and describe the changes you anticipate regarding how users will (or will not) use products from this industry in the future. 3) Your assessment of the Industry: g. What is going on in the Macro Environment that industry members should be monitoring? What trends are emerging that all industry members should be aware of? What opportunities are available to this industry? What threats may firms encounter in this industry? Perform a PEST analysis. h. What is going on in the specific Industry Environment? Analyze the industry position using the Porter’s 5 Forces. i. Sum it up: How attractive is this market? What is the profit potential, both for existing incumbents, and for new entrants?

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