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The word ancient seems to always be associated with boring, but as far as the ancient games go that assumption does not hold true. The ancient olympics were full of fun and excitement and surprisingly a lot of nudity and adultery. The history, culture, players, and events are the things that give the ancient Olympics the intrigue it needs to make it captivating. The Ancient Olympic games took place in the beautiful Olympia and lasted for many years They started over one thousand years ago, somewhere around 776 B.C, but nearly 12 centuries later it was put to a stop because of the Emperor Theodosius, who banned all pagan events, marked the end of the longest running event in antiquity (History). The games took place in Olympia because it was …show more content…
First is the stade race, the age old test of speed. In the classic stage race the competitors ran about 200 meters (The sports events). There was also the dolichos which ranged between 7 and 24 stades, which according to Britannica converts to about 600 feet per stade. Other sporting events included jumping, where athlete were usually given heavy stones to hold onto until the end of their jump. The stones were intended to increase the length of the jump. The version of discus was very similar to what we can see today in terms of technique. Wrestling was also included and one of the more important sports because of the rules. In ancient olympics a wrestling match only ended when one of the competitor admitted defeat or died, and to make it seem even more friendly and inviting the athletes would rap hard leather straps around their hands to disfigure their opponents face (The Sports Events). The straps were meants to be a safety measure for the person wearing them; it keep their wrist from snapping from the force of their punches. Another form of hand to hand combat was Pankration. Pankrations is an odd mix of martial art, wrestling and boxing, and was considered one of the toughest sports of its time (The Sporting Events). The last of the sports are the Equestrian events which were deemed the sports of a higher class. These events included horse races and …show more content…
No one really knows why they competed in the nude, they do however know that in the beginning they would compete in a clothing item similar to short shorts today. There is a story that depicts a race where a man lost said shorts and continued to run anyway, leading to the trend, others theorize that it was the spartan that began to compete in the nude and the trend caught on (Ancient Olympics). However it started the fans seemed to love, and the artist even more, because not only were they nude, but they were covered in olive oil, slathered and ready to be baked like a potato. This was something that the artists focused on in their rendition of the

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