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Andrea Yates

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When it comes to post-partum depression and psychosis Andrea Yates is one of the most infamous names known. Andrea Yates was a mother of five who went into severe depression after having her fifth child and because of her illness she was found guilty of first degree murder for drowning all five of her children in the bathtub. After court appeals the decision was reversed and she was found insane. Prior to June 2001 when she drown her five children she was treated for post-partum depression and psychosis in 1999 because the illness ran in her family. After the birth of her fifth child and the passing of her father the severe depression set in and was forced into Devereux-Texas Treatment Network (The Biography Channel website, 2013). While being treated she was given a series of psychiatric drugs for treatment. He also quickly stopped prescribing the antipsychotic Haldol, which is the medication that helped Andrea recover in 1999 ("The Atlantic", 2013). Andrea Yates started having psychological issues after she gave birth to her fourth child and she tried to commit suicide. Shortly after the birth of her fifth child she tried to commit suicide again and was hospitalized twice. Both times after trying to commit suicide she was released from the hospital while she was still ill and eventually the post-partum psychosis took over and that is when she drowned all of her children. After she drowned her children she recognized that it was a horrible thing to do and she was not in a stable mental state of mind. Even though it is rare what is considered baby blues can become post-partum depression which if left can become post-partum psychosis. This event in particular shows how serious post-partum psychosis actually is ("The Atlantic", 2013). Psychosis is not something that seeing a therapist a few times and taking an anti-depressant can cure. More research needs to be...

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...An insanity defense requires that an individual not be aware of their actions during a mental episode, and that is how Andrea Yates got away with the murderous drowning of her five children. On the other end of the spectrum, there is self-defense, which states that “based on the recognition that individuals have an inherent right to protect themselves and that to reasonably defend oneself from unlawful attack is a natural response to threatening situations” (Schmalleger & Hall, 2014) and protection of property; and this is the defense that Markus Kaarma attempted to use in order to justify the killing of a repeat intruder into his garage. In June 2001, Andrea Yates – a mother of five young children who had a history of mental issues and battled postpartum depression – drowned her children in the household bathtub in order to, as she claimed, save their souls from Satan (CNN, 2007). “Yates turned herself in immediately after the drowning deaths… because she thought her own death would fulfill a Biblical prophecy: If she were executed, Satan would be executed” (CNN, 2007) – during her psychosis, she believed that she was doing the right thing. Yates’ first trial, after only a few hours of deliberation, resulted in the jury finding her guilty of capital murder, but did not believe she should receive the death penalty, but rather life in prison (CNN, 2007). However, after an appeal and during her second trial, she was acquitted of the capital murder charges, and was only......

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