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Wikipedia. 2013. Target market. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 27 Nov 2013
Anh, P. and Anh, P. 2013. Thống kê số người sử dụng smartphone tại Việt Nam 8/2013. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 28 Nov 2013].
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Facebook. 2013. Samsung Việt Nam. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 28 Nov 2013]. 2013. This Guy Asked Samsung For A Free Smartphone. Samsung’s Response Was Not What You’d Expect.. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 26 Nov 2013].
Galaxy S5. 2013. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release - 2013 or 2014? | Specs & Rumors. [online] Available at:

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...Question 1 - (20 marks) Deciding where to produce. Pam Engines Company produces the same power generators in two plants, a newly renovated, automated plant in Polly, and an older, less automated plant in Maddy. The following data are available for the two plants:   | Polly |   | Maddy | Selling price | | $150.00 | | | $150.00 | Variable Manufacturing Cost per unit | $72.00 | | | $88.00 | | Fixed Manufacturing Cost per unit | $30.00 | | | $15.00 | | Variable Marketing and distribution Cost per unit | $14.00 | | | $14.00 | | Fixed Marketing and distribution Cost per unit | $19.00 | | | $14.50 | | Total Cost per unit | | $135.00 | | | $131.50 | Operating income per unit | | $15.00 | | | $18.50 | Production Rate per day | | 400 units | | | 320 units | Normal annual capacity usage | | 240 days | | | 240 days | Maximum annual capacity | | 300 days | | | 300 days | All unit fixed costs are calculated based on a normal year of 240 working days. When the number of working days exceeds 240,variable manufacturing costs increase by $3.00 per unit in Polly and $8.00 per unit in Maddy. Pam Engines is expected to produce and sell 192,000 generators during the coming year. Wanting to maximize the higher unit profit at Maddy, Pam Engines' production manager has decided to manufacture 96,000 units at each plant. This production plan results in Maddy operating at capacity (320 units per day 300 day) and Polly operating at its......

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...IMPLEMENTING TECHNOLOGY UPDGRADES AT TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH & SCHOOL Prepared for Jill M. Braun Director of Educational Technology for Trinity Lutheran Church & School Prepared by Mark D. Davidson Administrative Assistant August 30, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY iv INTRODUCTION 1 TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION PLAN 1 TECHNOLOGY BUDGET 2 TECHNOLOGY INVENTORY 3 TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES 3 CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER 4 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 5 POTENTIAL PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 5 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 7 REFERENCES 8 FIGURES Figure 1: Technology Decision-Making Cycle 1 Figure 2: Breakdown of technology budget by category 2 Figure 3: Computer devices used at Trinity Lutheran School 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This proposal discusses the benefits of implementing technology upgrades at Trinity Lutheran Church and School through the addition of computers and Chromebooks for students to use during classroom instruction, through increased bandwidth to allow the internet to work faster and more efficiently for both students and staff, and how developing a position for a full-time technology coach or Chief Technology Officer on staff to help with maintaining the current technology infrastructure of Trinity Lutheran Church and School, along with providing continuing education can aid the teachers in providing a more......

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