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Andrew Cowan's Victory In The Civil War

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Webb’s men, the Philadelphia Brigade unleashed their firepower into the Confederate soldiers. Webb became Overwhelmed, "the fight soon became awful. We mowed the rebs right and left but still they came on. We had to retreat," wrote Sgt. William Burns of the 71st. (Medal of Honor) Garnett's men moved forward capturing the wall. The 72nd began firing back, their volley hitting Garnett who fell dead. Webb sprinted over to the 72nd and gave the order "charge bayonets". But the noises of war were so loud, that his orders were not heard and later said "couldn't be herd, I don't suppose ten feet away." (Medal of Honor)

Because he knew his orders were not heard and convinced the 72nd would not move, Webb took off towards the 69th who were still engaging the Confederates at the wall. The Confederates targeted Webb once they saw him because they recognized officer brass. Webb survived the flurry of bullets with the only injury being a graze to the thigh. (Medal of Honor) …show more content…
Lewis Armistead led the way to his death as his men followed him over the wall. Webb ordered three companies of his to charge front to right to combat the Confederate movement. Cpt. Andrew Cowan's battery mowed into the Confederates.

Nonetheless, Webb's position was being overwhelmed with a relentless sea of grey. U.S. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock saw what was taking place at “Pickets Charge” and ordered the 19th Massachusetts and 42nd New York to, "Go in there pretty quick." They charged into battle , pushing the Confederates out. (Medal of Honor)

The Philadelphia brigade charged and the 71st joined them. “"[Webb] went right in front of us and led us when we gave a yell and charged on them and drove them back with great slaughter", asserted Sgt. William Burns of the 71st.” (Medal of

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