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Android Security Threats

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Android Adware Privacy Risks Today’s cell phones have become increasingly more sophisticated. Gone are the days where a cell phone’s only function was to make a phone call. Today’s cell phone technology has created smart phones. With smart phones users can search the internet, make phone calls, listen to music, have navigation, and download applications from their Smartphone’s application market. When a user downloads an application onto his or her phone they are at risk from adware privacy. Most users to include myself did not believe that Smartphone’s were not at risk from privacy risks and viruses. Some free Android applications contain adware that often exposes user’s personal information, this is according to a new study by researchers at North Carolina State University (Tech Target, 2012). This study showed that Android app ad libraries tap into unnecessary data. These freely available applications allow advertisers to access information contained on mobile devices. The data is typically unnecessary for the ads to function properly. The private information can be anything from the cell phone’s number to the browser bookmarks on the Smartphone. The information provided in this article was very informative and eye opening. Some of the applications that were exposes user’s personal information have been removed by Google. This article will make me more cautious to downloading free applications. Studies have begun to focus on Android applications and the security risks they might pose. After reading this article it is clear that there is a need for better regulating the way ad libraries’ are intergraded in application...

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