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Brand position&perception

Brand position

Aldi is one of the largest retailers in Germany, its stated goal was to provided customer regularly buy products with highest quality and guaranteed low prices. It was entered Australia in 2001 and was considered to be one of the pioneers of the hard discounter concept-a format characterized by a high turnover on a narrow range of grocery items in a small space.
In addition, aldi offered a limited assortment of around 700 products lines as against the 25,000 lines stocked by other retailers. The high quality of the products and their low prices soon attracted shoppers and it became popular in Australia it was get the seventh position on the astralia top ten retailers of 2008.

Brand Perception
As of 2008, Aldi's Australian operations were spread across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory(ACT), Queensland, and Victoria and it had a market share of 4.7 percent in the australia grocery retail market. It had a long-term strategy in australia and planned to expand to other regions such as western australia with a investment of A$ 1billion.
However, experts felt that there were significant challenges in store for aldi. They pointed out that its success in australia had attracted the attention of other leading hard discounters in Europe and the US . In addition to tough competition from some very strong local players, aldi would have to contend with competition from these hard discounters in the futures as they made their foray into Australia.

Factors currently influencing marketing strategy

Internal factors
Aldi stores stocked only around 700 different products, compared to thousands of products carried by others
Ninety five percent of the products stocked in its stores in australia were aldi's own brands.
More than 80 percent of its private label products were produced by well known australia...

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