Angeology and Satanology

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Short essay on Angelology and Satanology
Well Anna, the problem with God and Satan being two eternal and equal forces is that it’s un-biblical. This theory implies that there are two substances that are irreducible in our universe. In other words when we are talking about ethics dualism we are talking about good (God) and evil (Satan). Many Christians lack a true knowledge of who God really is and therefore they equate God and Satan or demon as two opposing forces in an unquenchable struggle. Scripture teaches that God and Satan are not mutual forces. When the Bible begins in Genesis it assumes God the creator has already being there and He alone, being the only self existent one. Scripture teaches us that God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. None of these are attributes about Satan. You need to understand that Dualism in its core is a misuse of the unity of God.
It is important to understand that when sin was found in Lucifer, he became known as Satan, the adversary. Isaiah 14:13-17 and Ezekiel 28 reveal that Lucifer became prideful in his beauty and sinned against God by rebelling against Him. Lucifer was determined to overthrow God, but God’s judgment fell upon Lucifer, casting him out of heaven and one third of the angels in heaven decided to follow Lucifer in his upraise against God.
There is a common argument opposing the stated interpretations of Isaiah 14:13-17 and Ezekiel 28. The argument made takes the prophetic (future) aspect of the verses out and only attributes them the actual kings of Babylon and Tyre in the times of Ezekiel and Isaiah. The problem with this statement is that, since Satan is connected to the world system, and Tyre and Babylon were referred as wicked (evil) in the Bible, it is safe to presume that the empowering evil behind these Kings was Satan himself. In the N.T. we have Jesus Christ recorded saying “I saw Satan fall…...