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Angles in America

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Jonathan Arelt
THE 200
Angles in America is an extraordinary play and movie, performed in 1993(Angles(2)) made in 2003 (Angles). Tony Kushner, who is the playwright, did a fantastic job on piecing it all together and making it such a well-known play in the theater sprectrum. The main idea of Kushner’s play was to show the struggles of being gay in America. People were learning more and more of AIDS and HIV and just how severe it is.
The year is 1986 and it is cold October weather in New York. Louis Ironson and Prior Walter are lovers and Joe Pitt, a clerk in the U.S. Court of Appeals, and Harper Pitt are married. Roy Cohn is a well-connected lawyer that is good friends with Joe and his family. Prior finds out that he has AIDS and Louis cannot fathom the idea of losing his lover so when Prior has a traumatic fall and is rushed to the ER, Louis cannot stand it and ends up leaving him. Roy offers a Joe a job in D.C. with the Justice Department, however Harper does not want to leave her home in New York. The movie ends with Joe learning that Roy has a secret motive for Joe taking the job in D.C. Joe learns that he cannot hold back the feeling he has for men and gets into a relationship with Louis. Harper disappears in the fridge in her apartment and ends up at the South Pole. Prior is visit by an angle and is told that the coming is near. Joe tells Roy that he will not take the job in D.C. and Roy suffers a stress attack and starts to have strange visions.
The play itself was very well written. From a theatre point of view, it was an excellent play and movie. Tony Kushner deserves a hand for writing such a magnificent play and Mike Nichols also deserves a hand for bring the stage play to a motion picture format. Both are very well done. Even though the morals the people had in the movie and the things that were done, it does not change the effect the...

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