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Anila Jyothi Reddy

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Anila Jyothi Reddy, a poor agricultural labour working for Rs 5 a day until 1989, is today the CEO of Keys Software Solutions in USA! She is raking in millions of dollars and serving the grassroots of Indian society. The below story chronicles her highly-inspirational life. If you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake – Bill Gates Anila Jyothi Reddy’s Childhood Anila Jyothi Reddy was born in Narasimhula Gudem in Hanumakonda Mandal, Warangal District as the eldest of four children to a common peasant who lost his employment during emergency. Her father joined in Army but could not continue because of his attachment with the family. The attitude he developed in the military was given to Jyothi as inheritance.
As it was very difficult for the family to meet both ends, he was forced to enroll Jyothi Reddy at Balasadan - a government orphanage at Hanumakonda - as a motherless child. From 5th class to 10th class, Jyothi stayed at the orphanage. Life was tough. In winters, she used to shiver because of torn blankets. During summers, she used to stay at the warden’s house and did the household work for which she was fed. Going to her village was not an option.
The empathy that Jyothi shows today to orphans is because of her own bitter experiences of the past. She spends considerable time with the orphans when she visits India.
Jyothi Reddy passed 10th class with good marks and she aspired for higher education. But she was married off at the young age of 16 with Sangi Reddy. By age 18, she became mother of two girls. It was a struggle for her to provide even basic needs for her children.
Early career
Strong determination to provide for her children made her persuade her mother-in-law and husband to work. She herself worked for Rs 5 per day as agriculture labour. Many other people who worked along with her...

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