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Animal Babies

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Animal Babies

1. Baby ducks follow the first thing they see after they hatch. This is called ( ) a. Imprinting b. Shadowing c. Minning 2. A baby rabbit is called a ( ) a. Fawn b. Kitten c. Cub 3. In a lion pride, who has the last dibs on meat? a. The male b. The female c. The cubs 4. Baby elephants learn from the matriarch. The matriarch is ( ) a. A wise Yoda-like elephant that travels off by himself. b. c. The female leader of the head. 5. All birds of prey except ( ) catch their own food. a. Vultures b. Eagles c. Kestrels

4. All birds of prey fly in two basic ways: a. Flapping their wings and gliding b. Flapping their wings and pushing against the air currents with their feet c. Via American Airlines of United Airlines

5. A harpy eagle’s talons are the size of grizzly bear claws. Harpies have been known to kill: a. Humans b. Small sheep c. Mountain lions

6. A Golden Eagle can see an 18-inch rabbit from a distance of : a. 18 miles b. 8 miles c. 2 miles

7. A nictating membrane is: a. A bird’s protection against the nicotine in second hand smoke b. A bird’s third eyelid c. The membrane lining of a birds mouth

8. The tiny elf owl likes to nest: a. In a cactus b. In tall trees c. In rocky ledges

9. Within the same species, male and female birds of prey look very similar, but there is usually one obvious difference, what is it? a. Males have larger heads b. Females have sharper talons c. Females are large than males

10. Which bird of prey weighs more than 30 pounds and has a 10-foot wingspan? a. Andean Condor b. Turkey Vulture c. Osprey

11. An owl’s flight features are soft at the edges. This helps the owl by: a. Keeping it warmer b. Making it more silent in flight c. Making it more attractive to other owl’

12. What do baby scorpions do when they are born? a. They drank milk b. They run away and hide c. They climb on their mother back

13. Babies that require little or no care are called? a. Independents b. Precocial c. Self-ruling

14. A baby animal that is hidden away while it’s parent searches for food is called a? a. Tucker b. Hidder c. Ticker 15. An egg tooth is used to? a. Eat eggs b. Break out of a shell c. Bite egg-lying animal

16. Crocodile mother’s carry their babies: a. In their pouches b. On their backs c. In their mouth

17. A lion cub that stalks and pounces on a beetle is: a. Being silly b. Just plan mean c. Getting hungry

18. Baby skunks can spray their musk: a. Within hours of birth b. Within a day of birth c. Before they are a month old

19. Which animal takes the longest to grow-up? a. Elephant b. Rabbits c. Jaguars

20. Who takes care of the king penguin eggs? a. The mother b. The father c. Any handy penguin

Answer Key:

1. A

2. B

3 .C

4 .C

5 .C

6. A

7. A

8. B

9. B

10. C

11. C

12. A

13. B

14. C

15. B

16. A

17. C

18. B

19. C

20. A

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