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Animal Welfare

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Animal Welfare

The concern given to non-human animals with regard to physical and psychological well being known as animal welfare. Animal welfare advocates enhancing conditions for animals while still permitting human beings to benefit from various uses from the animals (Preece & Chamberlain, 2007). Animals play diverse roles in human lives. Whether an animal is being used for law enforcement, or being used in a rescue mission, or being used as pets in human beings households, the animals make the lives of human beings better (Haynes, 2010). In a regular basis, animals used in research, to help medical doctors in discovering new treatments for diverse diseases. Animals used in research have assisted in saving millions of lives globally.

For years animals have also been used as a source of food, clothing and in diverse products. If animals are so significant in our lives why destroy and mistreat them? It is quite clear that the society need the animals for the survival, protection and entertainment. Therefore, the society should ensure the animals well protected and handled with care (Mellor, 2009). Animal welfare established to ensure animal rights observed, and violations of the animal rights will result to serious consequences to the individual.

Animal welfare concerns began thousand years ago and were even known in the Greek society. In the 15th century, the first recognition of the animal welfare made. The English government advocated to ensure both domestic and wild animals was properly handled to enhance their survival (Park & Singer, 2012). The English people lived close with animals therefore, a number of poets began feeling sympathy for the animals and they began writing poems in praise of the animals and fighting for their welfare. By the 19th century, revolution had taken place and people began…...

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