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Anime Addiction Compilation

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A. Introduction
Recently, there are a lot of problems in the society. A lot of them were problems of the students. Living the teenage life is a great experience. The teens tried many new things that can affect how they behave. A huge percentage of the total population of the Earth is thirteen years old to nineteen years old. Everyday there are thousands of kids who turns thirteen not realizing the huge changes in their live that they can face. Actually, all the researchers are part of teenage.
Nowadays the teens are so busy doing some stuff for education, pastime and most of all leisure. The teens kept on enjoying their lives by simply having fun doing things with friends and classmates. Sometimes it goes to the point that they ignore studies just to enjoy or to have fun.
The researchers also feel that way sometimes. All of the people living in this world definitely like to just sit around and enjoy but most of us just can’t. There’s nothing wrong in enjoying life but it have limits.
One of the most addicting things to do is to use the computer. It is just so addicting it simply has it all, games, music, videos and many more. Another thing about computer is the internet or the World Wide Web. Internet is a huge part of human’s life in this century. It covers many things such as references for educational purposes, music and videos for entertainment, and many more. Nowadays, internet is not used the way it should be used. Maybe because people feel so free when they’re surfing the internet. No doubt games are the most addicting thing when it comes to computer but what’s more interesting for the researchers is the anime addiction of the teens.
A huge percentage of the students are addicted to anime. First of all, what the researchers wanted to know is why teens watch anime.

What is anime?
Why is Anime Addicting?
Does watching anime affect...

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