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Animé Addiction: Effects of Watching Animé to Students’ Psychological Behavior

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Amor, Aiko September 15, 2014 2014
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Title: Animé Addiction: Effects of watching Animé to Students’ Psychological Behavior

Thesis Statement:
Anime is the abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" that originated in Japan. Most of the Animé are made for general audiences, means that it suits all types of audiences including children, adolescents, and adults. There are categories of anime for girls, boys, young girls, young boys, adolescent boys, and adolescent girls, conservative adults, and non-conservative adults and so on. The subjects of anime range from history (past and future), to fantasy, dramatic, science fiction, popular culture, cyber-reality, adult, action, romance, political, and more. Because of the uniqueness and diversity of every anime's storyline, Japanese animation spread rapidly across the globe. Many students have become interested with this form of Japanese culture because of their relation to some of the story that depicts their life as a student. But not all of it can be a good example for them. Students who gets ideas from anime have a tendency of harming others or assume stuffs that they think will likely to happen because of following what they have watched. This kind of behavior might be alarming for the people around them and might affect how they’ll approach people in the future.

Research Questions: 1. How can the students differentiate reality from the Animé they’re watching? 2. How do the students interact with other students who don’t watch Animé? 3. How do the students perceive Animé?

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