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Early life[edit]
Anirudh is the son of actor Ravi Raghavendra, nephew of Latha Rajinikanth, and cousin of Aishwarya and Soundarya Rajinikanth.[5][6] His mother Lakshmi is a dancer.[7] Anirudh was a part of a band in school called Zinx. At the age of 10, he started composing music and landed his first break – '3' at the age of 21.
He did his schooling at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, K.K. Nagar. He graduated from Loyola College, Chennai in 2011, which according to him was just a back up in case his music career did not take off. Anirudh learnt classical piano from Trinity College of Music, London. He also learnt Carnatic music, and was part of a Carnatic fusion band.[8]
2011-2012: Debut and early success[edit]
Anirudh was selected to make his debut as music composer in his cousin Aishwarya R. Dhanush's directorial debut 3 starring Dhanush and Shruti Haasan. While pursuing his degree at Loyola College, he had done background scores for about short films by Aishwaryaa and was convinced by her to also work on her first commercial venture.[9]Furthermore at the launch of the film in August 2011, Anirudh revealed that he had played the keyboard for compositions by A. R. Rahman and was a part of a band called Zinx.[10] In early November 2011, a leaked version of a song from the film, "Why This Kolaveri Di" circulated online and the film's team decided to subsequently release it officially on 16 November 2011 with a music video shot featuring Dhanush singing the song at AM studios, accompanied by composer Anirudh on a keyboard. It instantly became viral on social networking sites for its quirky "Tanglish" (portmanteau word of Tamil and English) lyrics.[11] Soon, the song became the most searched YouTube video in India and aninternet phenomenon across Asia.[12][13][14][15] Within a few weeks, YouTube honoured the video with a '"Recently Most Popular" Gold Medal award and "Trending" silver medalaward for receiving a large number of hits in a short time.[16][17] The song was been built around a South Indian folk rhythm. Its instrumentation consists of nadaswaram, shehnai,saxophone, urumee and thavil drums, acoustic guitar, and keyboards mixed with electronic synths and scratches. The vocals utilize the singing style of Tamil folk culture. Lyrically, the song revolves around the film's main actor being dumped by his girlfriend; the song is sung by the character in a drunken state, with many of the lines nonsensical. According to composer, 3's director Aishwarya R. Dhanush wanted a light-hearted song about failed love. Ravichander quickly composed the tune in about 10 minutes.[15]Dhanush then began work on the lyrics, which he completed in about 20 minutes of playful singing and writing.[18]
The remaining songs of the album were released in December 2011 and also won very positive reviews from critics. The album featured Mohit Chauhan debuting in Tamil with "Po Nee Po", while Dhanush, Shruti Haasan and Airtel Super Singer contestant Sathya Prakash were also amongst the performers. A reviewer from noted "Anirudh Ravichander has delivered so much variety in his very first album. Such a promising debut by a composer hasn't been seen in recent Tamil cinema history",'s reviewer noted that "all the songs in 3 are good and come with appealing instrumental arrangements", concluding that it was "an intriguing collection."[19][20] Anirudh also received praise for his background score in the film. He consequently went on to gain recognition for the film through accolades, notably the Vijay Award for Best Find of the Year as well as nominations at the South Indian International Movie Awards and the 60th Filmfare Awards South.[21] He also worked on the Telugu and Hindi version of the film with Adnan Sami and Vishal Dadlani singing as a part of the album, though the dubbed Hindi film never released.[22] Anirudh teamed up with Dhanush soon after to produce a Kolaveri-inspired track titled "Sachin anthem" commemorating Sachin Tendulkar in association with health drink, Boost.[23][24]
2013-present: Continued success[edit]
Next, he sang and composed a single for David – a bilingual multi-starrer directed by Bejoy Nambiar, "Kanave Kanave" in Tamil and "Yun Hi Re" in Hindi. The album also opened to very positive reviews, with a critic noting Anirudh's song was "the pick of the album".[25][26] His next album was Dhanush's maiden home production Ethir Neechal, which won positive reviews. noted "the album does well to consolidate Anirudh’s sensational debut".[27] While Dhanush sang two songs in the film and Mohit Chauhan was also used again, Anirudh introduced rappers Yo Yo Honey Singh and Adhi of Hiphop Tamizha into Tamil film music. Similarly the background music of the film was praised with a reviewer noting Anirudh "certainly proved his mettle yet again with his exceptional music."[28] Moreover, Sony Music India released the complete background score of Ethir Neechal via YouTube owing to its popularity.[29] His next soundtrack, Vanakkam Chennai released in July 2013, and reached top spot in iTunes India Top Album category within few days of its release. Prior to release Anirudh had revealed that it was his "best work til date", and the composer featured as a vocalist in six of the seven songs in the film. For the song "Oh Penne", he used Vishal Dadlani for the first time in Tamil music, while a promotional international version was also recorded featuring British singer Arjun. Another promotional song, "Chennai City Gangster", saw him collaborate again with Adhi of Hiphop Tamizha and British Indian rapper Hard Kaur, with the trio also featuring in a music video for the film. Anirudh also recorded songs with Assamese jazz singer Papon and his ex-girlfriend Andrea Jeremiah, while also working with lyricist Madhan Karky in the well-received folk love song "Osaka Osaka".[30] A critic from Behindwoods noted "Anirudh exploded onto the Tamil music scene with a hat-trick". His background music for the film was well received by reviewers.[31][32] In September 2013, he was signed on to compose the background music and re-recording for Selvaraghavan's fantasy film Irandam Ulagam, after Harris Jayaraj had opted out. Anirudh noted his happiness at working with Selvaraghavan early in his career, despite being called up as a replacement and subsequently recorded for the film in Budapest.[33] The film opened to mixed reviews and became a box office disaster, however reactions to Anirudh's work were positive.[34]
Anirudh's next release saw him work with Dhanush again, as a lyricist and producer, for Velaiyilla Pattathari. The album featured veteran S. Janaki as the only other singer apart from Dhanush and Anirudh, and won positive reviews upon release in February 2014.[35] Critics noted that it was a third consecutive "solid album from the Anirudh Ravichander - Dhanush combination".,[36] while adding "in all, the album is soulful, lively and truly Anirudh".[37] The film subsequently became a blockbuster at the box office, with Anirudh's work in re-recording also receiving critical acclaim; stated he "has created magic once again", while noted his "BGM lifts all manner of scenes".[38][39]Maan Karate's soundtrack released shortly after and also won favourable reviews from critics.[40] He collaborated for a song for the second time with Shruti Haasan, while the film's lead actor Sivakarthikeyan also performed a Dappan koothu song in the soundtrack alongside veteran folk singer Paravai Muniyamma. Anirudh also recorded a gaana song with Deva, widely considered the pioneer of the gaana genre, marking his comeback after a sabbatical.[41] The film opened to mixed reviews but became a box office success, with a critic from praising that "Anirudh has proved once again that he understands the pulse of the youngsters. In fact, the BGM and sound tracks in the film, make the film appear more exciting than it actually is."[42]
AR Murugadoss then signed him on to compose music for Kaththi starring Vijay, becoming Anirudh's highest profile album till date. He composed the film's theme music within four days of signing, and also went on to collaborate again on songs with Adhi of Hip Hop Tamizha and Vishal Dadlani.[43] Moreover Anirudh recorded songs with veteran singersK. J. Yesudas and Shankar Mahadevan for the first time in his career, while he also created a "love kuthu" song "Selfie Pulla" to be sung by the film's lead actor Vijay and Sunidhi Chauhan.[44] The album received positive reviews from critics and topped the iTunes India Charts.[45][46] Durgesh Haridas of The Indian Express stated,"The OST is arguably the best for a Vijay movie in recent times and Anirudh’s variety and experimentation is helping him establishing himself as one of Kollywood’s top music makers.", and labelled "Selfie Pulla" as "a number that even kids will be humming." adding that the song "doesn't disappoint".[47] His work for re-recording also won acclaim, with a critic noting "Anirudh’s music and BGM reaches a new level", while the film went on to become one of the highest grossers in Tamil films history.[48][49]
He has confirmed that he will provide music for a film starring Siva Karthikeyan – Senthil Kumar's Kaakki Sattai and then for another A. R. Murugadoss production, Rangoonstarring Gautham Karthik. In early 2013, it was announced that Anirudh would make his acting debut in Vignesh Shivan's Naanum Rowdydhaan, after selecting it from twenty other scripts he had heard.[50] However production work stalled, with Anirudh noting he will give priority to a career in music composing and agreed to work on the soundtrack for the film, now featuring Vijay Sethupathi. Furthermore, he signed on to compose music for a film made by and featuring newcomers, Aakko, with initial publicity posters for the film featuring solely on Anirudh's status as the movie's composer.[51] Other upcoming projects include another collaboration with Dhanush in Balaji Mohan's Maari, Udhayanidhi Stalin's Idhayam Murali, an untitled film directed by Siva with Ajith Kumar and an untitled Hindi action film directed by Murugadoss.

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Linear Programming

...Merton Trucks Case Note Abstract We discuss Merton Trucks [Dhe90a] as a case to introduce linear programming in the MBA program. This case adapted from Sherman Motor Company case, was used to introduce Linear Programming formulations as well as duality. Refer to the teaching note [Dhe90b]. Our approach differs from the approach suggested by Dhebar [Dhe90b]. First, our audience consists pre-dominantly of engineers with not too much work experience. As a result, handling math and algebra is relatively easy. Explaining the algebraic formulation, graphical approach and using the Excel solver do not consume that much time. Second, because this case is used during the first week of the MBA program, students are still unfamiliar with the case methodology and we spend significant time in understanding case facts. The circular logic used in allocating fixed costs based on the product mix that in turn is used in deciding the product mix takes some time to understand. Third, because of the participant background, they have difficulty in translating the model to the specific business situation and interpreting the trade-offs involved in various what-if analyses that are prompted by the case questions. We return to the case when we teach duality. After explaining duality, we analyze the case to show how some of the questions and what-if analyses can be simplified using duality. This note is based on our experiences with teaching three large batches of students in our MBA programs. 1 1......

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Reliance Communications Limited

...RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Registered office: H Block, 1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai - 400710 Transcript of Earnings Conference Call for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2009 Conducted at 5 pm IST on July 31, 2009 Operator: Thank you for standing by and welcome to the Reliance Communications Global Earnings Conference Call on the Reliance audio conferencing platform. This call is hosted by Enam Securities. At this time all the participants are in the listen-only mode. There will be a presentation followed by a question and answer session at which time if you wish to ask a question please press *1 on your telephone. Please be advised this conference is being recorded today. Now I would like to hand the conference over to Ms. Priya Rohira of Enam Securities. Over to you, ma’am. Priya Rohira: Thanks very much. Good morning, afternoon, or evening ladies and gentlemen. We at Enam Securities are pleased to host this call for the 1QFY10 results of Reliance Communications. We would like to congratulate the Reliance management on the good financial and operating performance during the quarter. Today, we have the senior management team from Reliance Communications led by Mr. Satish Seth alongwith other colleagues namely Mr. S. P. Shukla, Mr. Punit Garg, Mr. George Varghese, Mr. Inder Bajaj, Mr. Mahesh Prasad, and Mr. Arvind Narang. The call will begin with some key observations by Mr. Seth and the management team followed by a question and answer......

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Literature Review for the Cost of Recovery of the Increasing Tariff Block System of Water Billing in India

...This Literature Survey has been submitted by Mr. Anirudh Dhawan ID No: 212142 On Economics-I During the Monsoon Semester 2013 Cost Recovery in the Increasing Block Tariff System in India Introduction The need for imposing a tariff on the consumption of water domestically by households arises for the basic reason of revenue sufficiency. Due to the economic diversity prevalent in the society and diversified and potential inequitable use of the good, this tariff has to be determined keeping in mind the basic principles of equity and fairness and should be made to be economically efficient. Hence, reasonable objectives for an adequate tariff scheme would be all of these three, revenue sufficiency, economic efficiency and equity and fairness. This literature survey would concentrate only on the first aspect, that of revenue sufficiency vis-à-vis imposition of water tariffs. The various single-part tariff systems followed in major cities in India include increasing block tariffs (IBT), uniform water tariff, linear water charge and a pre-determined annual flat rate. The first three are for connections that are for connections that are metered and the last one is for connections that are unmetered. This literature survey seeks to assess whether the tariff system of increasing block tariff is adequate for production cost recovery in the Indian cities that it is being currently implemented and to ascertain the possible reasons for such a deficit, if at all......

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