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Lecture 2 Investigative Essay: Anti-Communist Propaganda
Part of the Cold War was fighting communism at home in the United States. As we’ve discussed in class, much of the anti-communism sentiment was fanned into a flame of hysteria. Much of what fanned these flames was propaganda distributed by the government and other organizations. This propaganda grossly exaggerated the threat of communism by using images and inflated language. For this essay, choose one of the posters or pieces of propaganda found at the following websites and write an analysis of it. For your analysis be sure to include what piece you are writing about, what kinds of images or language does it use, and how it uses images and language to manipulate fear toward communism. How does this piece of propaganda exaggerate the threat of communism in the country. The essay is worth 25 points and is due on Monday February 9. The essay should be at least a page to a page and a half long and written in essay format.
Use the following websites for your search. They are also up on moodle.
The Red Menace: 15 Vintage Anti-Communist Ads & Propaganda:
The Red Menace: Anti-Communist Propaganda of the Cold War

Writing in an Essay Format: Since this class is part of the writing requirements for your general education core, writing will be an essential part of this course. These short writing assignments are designed to develop your writing skills and you will learn to write in a short essay format. For this class, essay format consists of an introduction, two to three paragraphs of the main body, and a conclusion. Assignments that consist of only one paragraph are not considered an essay and will receive only half credit for the assignment....

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