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Franchises and Buyouts
What comes to mind when you see the word franchise? For many, it’s a fast-food restaurant. For some, it’s the standardization of America—the same product or service wherever you go. For still others, it is a business model with franchisor rules that must be followed. For Dina Dwyer-Owens, however, it’s a way of teaching “principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier and more successful lives.”
Dwyer-Owens is chairwoman and CEO of The Dwyer Group, a holding company of seven service-based franchise organizations: Aire Serv, Glass Doctor, Mr. Appliance,
Mr. Electric, Mr. Rooter, Rainbow International, and The Grounds Guys. Founded in
1981 as Rainbow International, The Dwyer
Group’s companies were providing services through more than 1,500 franchises in
10 countries by 2012.
Don Dwyer, Dwyer-Owens’ father, fit the profile of an entrepreneur. In his youth, he had a newspaper route from which he

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The Dwyer Group®: Seven
­Companies, One Code of Values After studying this chapter, you should be able to…

earned over $2 million in today’s dollars by the time he finished college.
Later, he bought a motivational materials franchise. His performance so impressed the franchisor that he made Dwyer part of his management team. Dwyer moved on to head Rainbow International, a carpet dyeing and cleaning company, which became the foundation for the multiple franchise chains that now make up The
Dwyer Group.
When Don Dwyer died unexpectedly at age 60 in 1994, the board of directors appointed a nonfamily member to be chief executive officer. A few years later, the board determined that Dwyer-Owens was prepared to assume top leadership, initially

4-1. Define franchise, and become...

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