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Annie John is a 17 year old girl that is leaving an island called Antiqua. Which is where she grew up, but is now leaving for a new life in England. Then there is Captain Keeney which is in his 40’s, he sails in the North Atlantic for whales, he’s a whaler to get the oil or in his words “ile” from the whales. They both have a lot in common and a lot of differences, which is pretty interesting to find out considering they are both from two completely different stories. This essay will cover their home life and their life on the ships, why they are doing what they do to chase success, and was it worth it. Annie John loved Antiqua, it was where she grew up, why wouldn’t she? But she really wants to leave for two reasons, one she wants to chase her dream to become a nurse, second she feels held down at the island, Annie feels the island is way too small for her. She is taller than her whole family and “when she lays down in her bed her legs hang over the foot of her bed” (14-15). Then with Captain Keeney he only loves getting the “ile”, he spends years after years on his ship sailing, catching whales. Keeney has been …show more content…
Annie had to leave her family for the rest of her life to move to England, if you were to ask her now if it was worth it… She would say yes and have no doubt about it! As for Captain Keeney if you were to ask him the same question he probably would not have the same answer, he lost his wives mental stability, and now Keeney has to live with that quilt for the rest of his life. Both goals had pluses and negatives. The only one that seems to have been the best for the person is Annie, her goal gave her something better in return. Keeney’s goal just gave him a ship-full of oil to bring back home. The moral of these two experiences is, choosing the right goal, making one that will give you gold in return, not crude and black

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