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Annotated Bibliography for Standardized Testing

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Annotated Bibliography for Standardized Testing
Perry Barr
Devry University

Annotated Bibliography for Standardized Testing

: I was always told that one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch; which is true. Standardized Testing should be used to find the child with a learning disability and work with that child. Not to grade the whole school and that school gets a poor grade. That’s like taking a bunch of apples and throwing them out just because a couple of them were spoiled. A person needs to work with the good parts of the apple and make apple pie. Improve the child by adding things that will take that child higher and increase their ability to learn.

Gregory J. Cizek, "Unintended Consequences of High Stakes Testing - P-12,” Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, Sep. 2001 Susan Ohanian, "Collateral Vomitage,”, Mar. 14, 2002

Standardized testing causes severe stress in younger students. According to education researcher Gregory J. Cizek, anecdotes abound “illustrating how testing... produces gripping anxiety in even the brightest students, and makes young children vomit or cry, or both.” On Mar. 14, 2002, the Sacramento Bee reported that “test-related jitters, especially among young students, are so common that the Stanford-9 exam comes with instructions on what to do with a test booklet in case a student vomits on it.” Cizek is an education researcher and I believe his studies are in depth to the topic I am documenting.

Assessment: I counsel a lot of kids and during the time and at the time of the testing I have seen more kids break down. Some wanting their parents to put them in private school to avoid the testing all together. Not only do they have to face the pressure of their appearance, lifestyle and passing grades our government place on them a test that judge there whole school.

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