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Annotated Bibliography: Student Well-Being in Adolescent Years

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Annotated Bibliography: Student Well-Being in Adolescent Years

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McDougall, B. (2013, August 9). Tragedy of Tormented Teenagers – mental illness hits one in four. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved from

‘Tragedy of tormented teenagers – mental illness hits one in four’, is an article about the growing number of adolescents being diagnosed with mental health disorders. As many as one in four teenagers are reported to have established psychological problems and research shows that the majority of them are not receiving any treatment. 80% of young adults with mental health issues did not identify their problem at its first signs, and thus missed out on prompt treatment. Numerous adolescents are either too embarrassed to seek help from others or do not know how, so instead they suffer in silence. Mental health is extremely important to adolescent well-being and to normal development and functioning. Out of the thousands of young people diagnosed with mind diseases, 14% are now affected by developmental disorders due to late identification and treatment. It has been discovered that people who have a mental illnesses, have a life expectancy 15-20 years lower than an average healthy person. Statistics also reveal that for every Australian Year 12 class, at least one or more students have attempted to commit suicide and many more have experienced suicidal thoughts. Mental health problems are one of the main causes of adolescent morbidity and mortality. Despite millions of dollars towards funding, little progress has been made to improve the mental health care system. A solution has been offered to help educate students about how to deal with depression. Beyond Blue is a program teaching students strategies and skills to help combat depression. This article shows how common mental illness is in today’s youth and how...

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