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Annotated Bibliography

In Chapter 7 of the book titled Understanding Motivation and Emotion, author

Johmarshall Reeve discusses and explains the intellectual developments that each individual goes through as they seek emotionally-laden incentives. Certain social events carry values (either negative or positive) for an individual, and the way they respond to these events throughout their life create a pattern of emotions which becomes a main source of their social needs. For example, an academic test may “activate emotional fear and behavioral avoidance” in one individual, yet activate “emotional hope” (2009) in another individual. Over time, these patterns we develop may determine and shape or future goals (7.2). Furthermore, our social needs remain “dormant” until we encounter a situation that brings these needs to our attention. According to the content listed under 7.2, people begin to learn the situations that promote positive emotional incentives and gravitate towards them, all while avoiding situations that promote negative emotional incentives. Thus, a person who enjoys and seeks achievement might enter business for the sole purpose of becoming an entrepreneur, while a person who strives for power, might enter business so that he or she can run for political office one day (Reeve, 2009, 7.2).
Understanding Motivation and Social Needs, by Johnmarshall Reeve, is a highly reliable source

due to the fact that is based on the studies of an eclectic amount of studies and peer reviewed

references. At the end of the chapter is a bibliography page which clearly lists each source for the

reader to cross reference.

In Chapter 2 in the book titled Becoming a Master Student, author Dave Ellis discusses

the ways in which students can better manage their time. Under the section, “You’ve got the
Time,” Ellis describes time as a…...