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Singg, Sangeeta, Ader, Jerre A (2001) Development of the Student Personal

Responsibility scale - 10 Proquest Educational Journals

Retrieved from


This article from a well-known educational journal titled Proquest

shows a students acceptance of personal responsibility in an

acceptable level of internal consistency and positive correlation to the

Consciousness Scale of Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Openness Personality

Inventory-Revised (NEO PI-R), academic performance, self-esteem, and

retention. This source is considered to be reliable and relevant because the author

had quoted the term personal responsibility from different authors which basically
does not show any bias towards the subject matter.

Krumrei - Mancuso, Elizabeth J, Newton Fred B, Kim Eunhee, Wilcox, Dan (2013)

Psychosocial Factors Predicting First- Year College Student Success

Journal College Student Development Retrieved from ge_student_development/v054/54.3.krumrei-mancuso.html

A study has been done using a model of college success that involves students

achieving academic goals and life satisfaction. A hierarchical regression

examined that there are six psychosocial factors for college success among 579

first year college students. Academic self efficacy and organization and attention

to study were considered to be predictive of first semester grade point average.

This became predictive when controlling relevant demographic factors

Academic self efficacy was predictive even during the end of the year GPA when

controlling previous first semester GPA. Stress and time management,

involvement with college activity, and…...