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Annotated Bibliography
COOPER, A. (2011). Lunch lessons. Educational leadership, 68(8), 75-78.Doi:
This is actually a magazine content telling that children’s lunch program must be more organized and balanced. Offer federal government financing for cooking to teach school food service employees to prepare great food. We must make the overall health of our kids and our food supply a top priority. Possibly, if we do all this we may save our kids and the wellbeing of other people to.

Krupp R. (2011). Culinary Clamor in the classromm.LILIPOH, pg. 22, 26. Retrieved
From: doi:27063480.pdf
This is a great content which covers early childhood dietary habits. Pupils find out earlier on, by way of experience, that balanced diet is tasty and that good nourishment will make them feel good and prolong their lives, after that when they reach their teen years they will likely be making prudent food choices and be able to train by example to their kids what they have learned.

Snelling A, Korba C, Burke A. (2011). The National School Lunch and Competitive
Food Offerings and Purchasing Behaviors of High School Students. Journal of School Health, 77(10), 701-705. Retrieved from: doi: 27727751.pdf
During a 4-week interval, everyday food purchases were collected and the ratios of green, yellow, and red foods available and bought were evaluated. These results indicate that the health plan for the NSLP encourages the offerings of a wide variety of food items. Schools must look into a nutrition plan which manages the sale of competitive food items.

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