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Ford and GM serious issues pre, during and post TARP period
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Ford and GM serious issues pre, during and post TARP period
Annotated Bibliography

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Ford and General Motors earnings show strong businesses but stocks are not equal as investments. The two companies have different risk profiles and prospects.
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Written to show the comparisons of the two companies. These two companies are extremely different yet have many similarities that are detailed.
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Compares Ford and GM across eight different categories.GM is given the advantage in the market share in developing markets.

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Motor Company.
Ford was under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally and they had an epic turnaround. Congress offered all three Detroit automakers a bailout.
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Provides details on how cars have changed and impacted the American people. Describes several various types of automobiles and compares them to competitor’s similar vehicles.

Krisher, Tom (2010). “Ford vs GM: Who’s Ahead?” Retrieved September 25,
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GM CEO Rick Wagoner has an obsession with being…...