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Annotated Bibliography
Beverly Santiago
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Allen, Bob. “Evangelicals 'worse' than Catholics on sexual abuse.” Christian Century 130(22) (2013): 16.
This article was written by Mr. Bob Allen in the Christian Century publication. Mr. Allen is a contributing writer. Though very short in length, Allen provides a looking at how Evangelicals handles sexual misconduct by its’ clerics and administrators. The addresses the issue of pedophilia but also how Evangelicals are quick to point out their belief of Catholics being worse than them. Allen provides insight on the level of arrogance, lack of transparency, and accountability amongst Evangelicals. He also makes a point of noting that there isn't a method of tracking pedophiles in the church no is there protection for congregates from bullying by clerics and administrators for exposing deviant behavior. As stated before the article is brief but provides a detailed look of how Evangelical view sexual misconduct in comparison to those in the Catholic clergy.
Dreher, Rod. “Sins of the Fathers.” National Review 54(2) 2002): 27-30.
In the article Sins of the Father, Rod Dreher provides a brief history of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. Dreher is a former writer for the NY Post and the current senior writer for the National Review. The article begins with a focus on the initial breaking new report Catholic priest James Porter misconduct. He also focuses on the number of years the behavior was known about by the church, but never reported by the church. Dreher provides a detailed look at the Vatican’s mishandling and the veil of silence in regards to offending clerics. He takes an investigative look at the makeup of a pedophiliac, the money payouts and the effects of such behavior to whistleblowers and Catholic Church congregates. His learned skills a…...