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Annotated Bibliography
Aguirre, Manuel. “Life, Crown, and Queen: Gertrude and the Theme of Sovereignty.” Oxford UP 47.186 (1996): 163-74. JSTOR. Web. 2 December 2013.
This article interpreted the metaphors in Hamlet. The main focus was on the Cup of Sovereignty, which is the metaphor for the cup King Claudius drinks from during the marriage proposal. Even though I read information from this source I am not going to use this because it does not relate to my thesis. However, it does explain the significance of the cup referencing to corruption and the poisons that ruined many lives. This article helped me understand the symbolism of deception in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”
Barron’s. Hamlet. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 2002. Print
This book contains the Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and a modern interpretation of the script. This source was used to read the play and fully understand exactly what action was taking place. I am not using this book to quote any material because it is a form of cliff notes; however it was helpful in interpreting scenes and breaking down Elizabethan sentences.
Boyd, Brian. “Literature and Evolution: A Bio-Cultural Approach.” The Johns Hopkins UP 29.1 (2005): 1- 23. JSTOR. Web. 4 December 2013.
This article is about the “sophisticated concealment and deception” Shakespeare incorporated in Hamlet (Boyd 16). I am using this source because it relates to my thesis. It explains how Shakespeare uses deception to exaggerate life-and-death issues. This was helpful because it analyzed the deception within Hamlet and how Shakespeare used counter-deception to prevent predictability.
Gorfain, Phyllis. “Play and the Problem of Knowing in Hamlet: An Excursion into Interpretive Anthropology.” The Anthropology of Experience. Ed. Victor Witter Turner and Edward M. Bruner. U of Illinois P, 2001. 207-38. Print.
This chapter is about the theme…...