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Annotated Bibliography
Erin Deneau, Lisa Griffin, Jerry Luckenbill, Heriberto Rodriguez
PSY345 - Sensation and Perception
December 7, 2015
Matthew Will

Annotated Bibliography
Perception of Motion
Hayward, J., Truong, G., Partanen, M., & Giaschi, D. (2011, October). Effects of speed, age, and amblyopia on the perception of motion-defined form. Vision Research, 51(20), 2216–2223. doi:
Two experiments were conducted on separate variables. The effect of age was the first experiment, in which 68 volunteers ages 4 to 31 years old participated. The result was a significant interaction between speed and age on the perception of motion. The second experiment used 12 participants ages 7 to 25 treated for amblyopia. The results were consistent with experiment one. Motion deficits were most pronounced at slow speeds. The evidence presents typical development of motion-defined from perception depends on speed, slower speeds showed deficits in all participants.
Dobrez, L. (2013). The perception of depicted motion. Arts, 2(4). 383 – 446. Doi:
In this article, the concept of depicted motion in still imagery is discussed. We may look at a photograph and, even though the subjects in the photo are not moving, we can perceive motion occurring based on what the photo shows. Some examples of depicted motion given in the article are images of a horse galloping and the falling man image used for wet floor signs. Nothing in these images are actually moving when we view them, but based on the position of the horse’s legs or the angle in which the man is positioned, you can perceive these subjects as being in motion when the image was taken.

Hidaka, S., Termoto, W., Sugita, Y., Manaka, Y., Sakamoto, S., & Suzuki, Y. (2011). Auditory motion information drives visual motion…...