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Women’s Role in Vietnam War: An Annotated Bibliography
Thesis: Women played a very significant role during the Vietnam War in the 1950’s and 60’s. Their active voluntary involvement which included mainly nursing was a big help for the United States soldiers as they aided South Vietnam during the war.
Source 1:
Elshtain, Bethke, Jean. Women and War. New York; Basic Books, Inc., Publishers. 1987.
Women who were voluntary nurses during the Vietnam War cared for the soldiers physically but also mentally. Often some soldiers late at night would come to the nurses and talk to them about their families at home or their significant other. These talks would help get the soldiers mind off the war and help them relax as they were stressing over the battles in Vietnam. Sometimes soldiers would ask nurses to even marry them so that they could die as marry men. This relationship between nurses and the soldiers was not perceived well by other people at the time. Many nurses were called “sluts” because of their late night visits with the soldiers. After the war nurses were viewed negatively by the public. It wasn’t until years later where women where seen as heroes during the Vietnam War.
In this source of information it tells you more about the personal relationships the nurses had with the soldiers and how they helped the men cope mentally. This is also a pretty reliable source because it states real life situations and relationships that actually happened during the Vietnam War. This information is not biased and the fact that the source is relatively old does not matter to its main objective. The main objective of this source was to let people know how nurses also helped the soldiers mentally as well as physically.
This source helps my research a lot because it gives it another side of how the nurses aided the soldiers. It also proves my thesis statement by proving how…...