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Female Sexual Pain Disorders and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Masheb, R. M., Kerns, R. D., Lozano, C., Minkin, M. J., &
Richman, S. (2009). Female Sexual Pain Disorders and Cognitive Behavioral clinical trial for women
With vulvodynia: Cognitive–behavioral therapy vs. supportive psychotherapy. Pain, 141, 31–40.

This article gears toward also provides a critical analysis of research Studies in this area by evaluating each study in detail, identifying gaps in the research base, and providing directions for future study. For the most part, all of the studies reviewed in this article Found CBT to be effective. However, CBT modalities with minimal therapist direction or interaction were found to be problematic. In addition, there may be other noninvasive treatment. There are different types that are equally or more effective, such as biofeedback or supportive psychotherapy. Although, CBT appears to be a promising treatment type for female sexual pain disorders, more research needs to be done. Results obtained from the Kuileet al. (2007) study could be expanded to explore the roles that fear reduction and increases in sexual behavior play in reducing plain. In addition, more randomized longitudinal studies need to be performed to determine if the initial effectiveness of CBT will last. Also, studies that compare individual to group modality also need to be conducted to address this gap in the literature. Finally, there is evidence that relationship factors need to be incorporated into the research base.

Female Sexual Pain Disorders and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Barbara M. LoFrisco
Psychological and Social Foundations, University of South Florida

Female sexual pain disorders are prevalent and have a deleterious effect on women’s well-being.
Because there are…...

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