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With a song in their heart... how a little music helps dementia sufferers. (2013, May 07). The Western Morning News. Retrieved from

The author of this article starts off by telling a story about a patient with dementia and how she can remember how to play the piano but can’t remember her own family. Then author states that a doctor from goldsmith’s university feels that music can be therapeutic and explains that people with advance dementia can still remember music that they learned as a child or as a teenager because memory loss tends to work backwards. Then the article just goes on about what dementia is and how it can be treated. The author also stated some other information about organization doing their own therapy based on music and dementia.

Walker, A. K. (2013, Mar 24). Using music to treat dementia, alzheimer's. The Baltimore Sun. Retrieved from

The author of this article tells a story about a young patient with dementia and how she uses music for therapy. Music won’t restore any of her memories but it helps cope with the dementia. The author states that studies have shown that music can tap into dormant memories which remind people of good times and helps keep them calm and reduce anxiety. The author also states a web site that she found that says music can even release endorphins that can help with pain, stress and depression. The article continues about how this might not help everyone but seems to help most even in daily activities.

Kim, H. M., & BeaconJournal, A. (2012, Nov 08). Music therapy can reawaken minds. Dayton Daily News. Retrieved from

The author of this article started off the article with how patient are…...