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Information technology in rehabilitative therapies Computerized medical devices, assistive technology and prosthetic: An Annotated bibliography.
Vision-Realistic Rendering: Simulation of the Scanned Foveal Image with Elimination of Artifacts due to Occlusion and Discretization - Springer. (n.d.). Retrieved from
This book chapter introduces and explores the Concept of Vision realistic rendering. The chapter comes up with a technique for simulating an image of the foveal that is scanned from wave front data of human subjects, and it also demonstrates the techniques on sample images.
The source is a chapter of a book found online. The author is an affiliate Professor of Optometry and also a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California. The objective of the source is to introduce a new concept to the reader. The resource is relevant to me sine it introduces new concepts in Ophthalmology; also, the source is relevant to my topic since it explores how patients with eye disease like Keratoconus see.

Prentke Romich Company. (2015). What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication? - AAC and Speech Devices from PRC. Retrieved from
The webpage describes Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The post further introduces the two systems of AAC. Lastly, the post exemplifies on individuals who can benefit from AAC.
The source is a webpage of the Prentke Romich Company (PRC) in the US; the company constantly deals with helping people cope with their disabilities. The source employs the method of providing quality language and assistive technology services and products to individuals with disabilities including their families.
The source is relevant to my Topic Augmentative Communication devices since it expounds on people who can use the Augmentative Communication devices.

Petrofsky, J. S., & Stacy, R. (1992). The effect of training on endurance and the cardiovascular responses of individuals with paraplegia during dynamic exercise induced by functional electrical stimulation. doi:10.1007/BF00843755
This journal explores the impact training has on cardiovascular reactions. The journal focuses on individuals with paraplegia. The dynamic exercise of the individuals is induced by electrical stimulation.
The source is a European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology. Both the authors are professors of physical therapy. The journal is relevant to my topic since it explores focuses on the application of computerized functional electrical stimulation technology on patients.

Bracy, O. L., Oakes, A. L., Cooper, R. S., Watkins, D., Watkins, M. S., Yorktown, I., . . . Jewell, C. (0). The Effects of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Techniques for Enhancing the Cognitive/ Intellectual Functioning of Seventh and Eighth Grade Children.
The source expounds on the techniques for utilizing the computer in giving cognitive rehabilitation therapy. The source explains two cases to show the how the therapy can be used with the aid of a computer. The function of the computer is to give training for the rearrangement of the foundations skills.
The source is a journal published in the database of the American Psychology Association. The source is relevant to my topic sine it focusses on how computers can be applied in therapy. The source is relevant since it is published by the APA PsycNET that focuses on treating people with psychological disorders.

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