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Annual Report Nestle

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Nestle is the world’s foremost nutrition, health and wellness company, committed to provide good food and beverages to enhance the lives of their valued customers. It is a Swiss-based company with business units of Food and Beverages, Nestle Waters and Nestle Nutrition. It has also engaged in the pharmaceutical sectors. It divides its products into Powdered and liquid beverages, Water, Milk produces and Ice cream, Nutrition, Prepared dishes and cooking aids, Confectionery, PetCare and Pharmaceutical products ( In light with this paper is to review the company’s 2011 Annual Report, pointing out on the company’s annual report’s effective use of graphs, images and repetition that enables effective delivery about the Company’s goals, mission, financial statements, long-term innovations that attracts readers, customers, investors and shareholders. According to Garrido, Silveria and Gomez (2005), visuals play a significant role in business annual reports. Nestle uses visuals to focus the readers’ interests, attracting them to the information presented in the report and attempting to hold their attention. Such visual representations like tables and graphs are remembered more easily and accurately than numbers. Often, business texts and reports become too dense and boring for readers, despite their initial interest (p. 2). Taking note on the Company’s 2011 Annual report covering on their 2011 Consolidated Financial Statements (p. 32), it showed different types of graphs such as bar graphs, dot graphs and pie graphs that visually represent the descriptive content of their financial report. For example, the report showed the company’s sales growth in different geographical regions where they operate such as Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa (p. 33). Their geographic sales in three different zones or regions were expressed in percentage. To...

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