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THIS VEHICLE SALES AGREEMENT is made this ____ day of ____________, 20___, by and among ROMEO C. COBRETA of 144 Bugallon St. Woodsite 3 Pasong Buaya 2 Imus, Cavite (hereinafter known as "Seller") and GERALDINE BANGCORE , of Damsite Manlilisid Javier, Leyte (hereinafter known as "Buyer"). Buyer and Seller shall collectively be known herein as "the Parties".


WHEREAS, Seller desires to sell the vehicle described below, known herein as the "Acquired Vehicle", under the terms and conditions set forth below;

WHEREAS, Buyer desires to purchase the Acquired Vehicle offered for sale by Seller under the terms and conditions set forth below; and, therefore,


IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and other valuable consideration exchanged by the Parties as set forth herein, the Parties, intending to be legally bound, hereby agree as follows:

A. Description of Acquired Vehicle.

1. Make: HYUNDAI PORTER 2. Model: 1997 3. Serial No.: LMC94-00228-C 4. Motor No.: D4BXL248555 5. Plate No.: UND512 6. File: 1304-00000118567

B. Consideration. 1. Purchase Price. The total purchase price to be paid by Buyer to Seller for the Acquired Vehicle is ONE HUNDRED FORTY THOUSAND PESOS (P140,000.00) (hereinafter "Purchase Price") consisting of the following components:

i. Down-payment: P40,000.00 (Due to Seller on or before execution of this agreement.) ii. Remaining balance worth P80,000 payable within one year on installment basis.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF and acknowledging acceptance and agreement of the foregoing, Seller and Buyer affix their signatures hereto.


_______________________________ ___________________________________…...

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