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Another Christmas, Another Year Ends

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Christmas was with my family. I like it that way. In fact I make it a point to celebrate Christmas with the family every year.

New year's however has never been celebrated with the family from the time I turned 18. I always thought that celebrating with the family wasn't "cool". I made sure I had plans to party out on New Year's Eve.

But its different this year. It's the last year we celebrate New Year's eve as a nuclear family. My sister is getting married in 30 days. Next year, all common celebrations will have to be shared with her new family. Its a new beginning, a beginning that I wished never begun. But it is a new beginning nevertheless, a beginning of new traditions.

In the meantime, someone sent me a beautiful and haunting poem. Enjoy.

Another Christmas,

Another year ending;

A year of pain and loss and bewilderment,

Of beauty and fear,

With a little love to make us go on struggling,

A little joy to make it worth the struggle.

Another Christmas,

Another dream over.

Do we dare to remember last year

And the years before?

So much is gone, so many memories,

How can we stop what remains from becoming a shadow?

Another Christmas,

Another pause in the fighting.

Can the pain that we give to others

And the pain that we cause for ourselves

Really be laid to rest by a Christmas card

Or a sprig of mistletoe?

Are we not as afraid of dying on Christmas Day?

Another Christmas,

Another pause for reflection:

The morning I walked out alone in the cold golden sunlight,

The evening I loved as was loved amid laughter and music,

The afternoon of firelight and peace with my dream-shapes about me.

Another Christmas,

Another year beginning.

Perhaps this year will see the end of us,

Perhaps an indifferent stab will finally sever the tightrope on which we struggle.

Do we dare to hope for a new beginning,

A new trust, a new wisdom, a new love?

(excerpts of a poem by Alison Head)

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