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* Summery:
The short story “ Another Language “ by Craig Cliff, starts with an introduction of the main character, a seven-year-old boy named James. He is living in New Zealand with his Mother, Father and his brother Daniel. Every Saturday James is visiting his grandparent, Baba and Dedo. James decides to find out why Dedo always is sad and quiet. When he asks his grandfather, James is introduced to the expression ‘stuttering’. Dedo tells James, that he stutters when he speaks the language Serbian, and that’s the reason for his move to New Zealand. James finds his grandfathers words unreliable; therefore he investigates the matter by himself, by hanging out with Marcus Collins. - The only associate James knows with stuttering-problems. At a visit in the grandparents’ house, James tells his grandfather about Marcus and the stuttering that only appears when he talks. Dedo seemed uninterested, which is frustrating for James. When James talks with his father about the problem, he finds out the Dedo used the stuttering, as an excused for not talking about his past.

* Characterization
James is a bright seven-year-old boy. He has a cheerfully and delighted personality, especially towards his family. He has a burning desire for his grandfather, Dedo, James wants him to be like his other grandfather, who is telling stories: (pg. 9, l. 63) “I desperately wanted him to tell me a story like my other grandfather, my mum’s dad, but Dad’s dad never seemed interested in stories. James find it hard to relate to Dedo’s depressing-mood, and want him to change, so he can be overjoyed grandfather, instead of being quiet and sad: (pg. 8, l.3) “ I asked: Why are you always sad?”
James is the first person narrator in the short story, which makes him reliable. The relation between the characters and the events, create a certain childish atmosphere, because of the point of...

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