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Answers to Conceptual Sciences


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Answers to Conceptual Integrated Science
End-of-Chapter Questions
Chapter 1: About Science
Answers to Chapter 1 Review Questions
1 The era of modern science in the 16th century was launched when Galileo Galilei revived the
Copernican view of the heliocentric universe, using experiments to study nature’s behavior.
2 In Conceptual Integrated Science, we believe that focusing on math too early is a poor substitute forconcepts. 3 We mean that it must be capable of being proved wrong.
4 Nonscientific hypotheses may be perfectly reasonable; they are nonscientific only because they are not falsifiable—there is no test for possible wrongness.
5 Galileo showed the falseness of Aristotle’s claim with a single experiment—dropping heavy and lightobjects from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
6 A scientific fact is something that competent observers can observe and agree to be true; a hypothesis is an explanation or answer that is capable of being proved wrong; a law is a hypothesis that has been tested over and over and not contradicted; a theory is a synthesis of facts and well-tested hypotheses.
7 In everyday speech, a theory is the same as a hypothesis—a statement that hasn’t been tested.
8 Theories grow stronger and more precise as they evolve to include new information.
9 The term supernatural literally means “above nature.” Science works within nature, not above it.
10 They rely on subjective personal experience and do not lead to testable hypotheses. They lie outside the realm of science.
11 Science, art, and religion can work very well together; like strings on a guitar, when played together, the chord they produce can be a chord of profound richness.
12 Science is concerned with gathering knowledge and organizing it. Technology lets humans use that knowledge for practical purposes, and it provides the instruments scientists need to conduct their

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