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1. Present an argument for and against the following proposition: Because IT managers must understand all phases of the business, a company should fill top management vacancies by promoting IT managers.

* IT managers should fill top management as they understand all the phases of business and as IT managers will alert with the technology trends. Most of the businesses rely on a central information processing system to support efficient data management and communications. IT manager monitors the organization's operational requirements, researches strategies and technology solutions, and builds the most cost-effective and efficient system to achieve those goals.

2. Describe the phases of the systems development life cycle, and compare the SDLC waterfall model to the spiral model.
Phases of SDLC: 1. Planning * define the problem, make a view of the project by having : * preliminary investigation * feasibility study * survey * observation * determine the goals of that system 2. Analysist * Start analyse the user requirements * Redefined the project goals 3. Design * List out the desired features and operation in detail * Create the process diagram and pseudocode * Business rules 4. Implementation * Start the coding for the system. 5. Maintenance * Test the system with small number of users * Do the changes for the improvement * Test and make correction again and again.

Waterfall model and Spiral model (buat dlm table) -pasal flow -pasal masa -risk * Waterfall model is a sequential flow of model which the stages are in sequential flow from the start to the end which when new changes exist, it is very hard to accommodate with while in spiral model, we can easily make a change as the prototype are created in every stage and will enable us to roll back and start back from the last left over prototype version.

3. Search for a job openings for System Analyst. What are the skills needed for a System Analyst post? Explain your answer.

Silverlake at jobstreet website * Degree holder, preferably in IT as an IT degree holder must have the basics of the computer science and IT even the majoring is unspecified on the management information system. * Experience for about 3-6 years for certain skills of software, as we know the job scope for a system analyst is quite detailed and professional work. So that person should know overall schedule of that system development process. * Of course some side knowledge for certain software is required because this field of area required continuous development. So, certain part might change rapidly. * Communication skills : primary language for that company also one of the requirement for that job. But, basically, English is the language that need to be mastered. * Some other soft skills such as leadership, responsibility and others. -analytical -efficient planning and execution -technical knowledge -man management>>> interpersonal skills

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