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Taking over, one step at a time.

The brainwashed society that Equality spent his life in, headed down hill, in one simple action, with a strong result of an outcome. Equality had been taught to ask no questions about anything that took place and everything happened for a reason. They feared their brothers would not feel the same way and automatically became dissatisfactory. No one person could talk to their brothers on how they were currently feeling about the present conversation, because it categorize as something out of the ordinary. The novella, Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, discussed all of those issues and more. All of the people get specifically told they think the exact same way because they equally symbolize the same person. To brainwash someone completely, you eliminate all conversations between people. You tell them repeatedly the scholars know every wonder of the world. But most importantly you have to take control of their mind, the correct way, with all of the exact on techniques. In order to control a man, you have to brainwash them through methods of manipulation.
In the blank minded humans of the society presented in this novella, a casual conversation, never took place. The incorrect thing to do was tell someone how you felt. According to the rules, everyone felt the same. So Equality never told anyone how he felt about a situation. In his writing, he wrote, “it is a sin to think words no others think and put them down upon a paper no others were to see.” (Rand, 17) is what society lived by and put in their heads every day. Your absolute goal in life gets reached by wanting to be just like everyone else and not having any individualization. The scholars pounded those accomplishments into the heads of those poor, innocent souls. Equality realized he differed from the others and hated himself for having...

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