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Nasty Bits by Anthony Bordain is a book consisting of his random thoughts throughout all his trips. It is composed of 5 sections; salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. Each one has a different tone to it even though they are all random. Only food and travel seem to connect the sections and stories together. Salty, sour, and bitter all seem to have an angry or annoyed tone to them. Sweet has stories that are a little better in tone and umami is just stories that he wants to talk about. The reader can tell Bourdain’s style in this book right away. It isn’t the traditional story book with one main focus. The style is telling the reader how he feels and telling little random stories. For being a non-fiction writer this style of book is interesting and effective. The reader can now understand how he feels during his trips. It allows readers to also see how his personality really is. In this book his personality comes out when he gets angry or happy about certain things. One noticeable thing about this book is his humor. It is kind of a dark humor and he makes fun of a lot of people. Some examples are when he is mad at fast food chains and calls them the evildoers (Bourdain 13). He also talks about a fat guy who takes up his whole seat and he complains about it (Bourdain 12)If he accepts any consequences with his humor than he can use it. He means what he says and people don’t need to be offended by what he says. Bourdain can probably take any mean jokes targeted at him so others should be able to as well. As a reader this doesn’t really affect you much. You just gain some insight to what goes on in a celebrity chef’s mind. There isn’t much important knowledge you can gain from the book either. The book was kind of enjoyable but it wasn’t a traditional book so it wasn’t great. You have to be in the mood to read this book. The 5 sections aren’t even that good at telling you the difference. They are all almost the same anyway so they didn’t need to be separated.
That being said, this wasn’t a reader friendly book. It had to be read and reread a few times to understand his meaning. If you read through the book one time you won’t really understand what he is saying. The words he uses are fancy and big and hard to understand. He can be talking about food but no one will understand because the food names are so bizarre.

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