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2.5 million deaths each year are caused due to alcohol usage. 75,000 of those deaths alone are here in the United States. Alcohol usage at one point was illegal in the United States. I will be writing about why alcohol should be banned. It is interesting to me because there are so many things that are bad about alcohol that people are not aware of. I myself, do not have any personal experience with alcohol not because my religion, but because I know the effects of it. Alcohol has many bad effects on the human body inside and out, causes millions of deaths world wide, and casues many personal problems between people.
Alcohol has many effects on the human body that can cause long term physical and metal damage. One major organ that alcohol effects in the human body is the brain. When the liver is breaking down the alcohol and its toxins that it releases, the alcohols byproducts damage the liver cells. Once the liver cells have been damaged, they will not work like how they are suppose to ever again causing toxic substances, ammonia, and manganese in particular, to travel to the brain. All these toxins are caused from alcohol use. After reaching the brain, they start damaging brain cells causing a disorder known as hepatic encephalopathy. Hepatic encephalopathy leads to many problems. These problems are sleep disturbances, mood and personality changes, anxiety, depression, shortened attention span, coordination problems, including asterixis, which results in hand shaking or flapping, coma, and even death! Another major organ alcohol effects is the heart. Over the years of heavy alcohol drinking, alcohol weakens the heart muscle which causes a condition called alcoholic cardiomyopathy. When the heart is weakened, it can not pump blood efficiently throughout the body causing severe damage to organs and tissues. This will cause shortness of…...