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Early childhood children can identify different color, language, gender, and physical. Children watch the how people are different and yet the same. They understand their native language and recognizes the differences of another language. An anti-bias curriculum help children to embrace as teachers nurture the development of each child’s ability respect issues of diversity and be fear in the classroom.
Teachers can create an Anti-bias classroom and the classroom environment should be Multicultural friendly that implement the education which have an active approach to challenge all prejudices, stereotypes or bias. In my opinion an Anti-Bias education is relevant because it reflects on education as a whole that is not based on if people are comfortable with the topics. Educators should have a specific goal for children and give them a clear cut educational experience. It explains how teachers should allow children to talk about what is going on in their world. Even in preschool children are expose to racism and prejudice, by implementing an Anti-bias curriculum children will have an opportunity to defect discrimination. For example, a child told another child that she do not want to play with her because the other child hair wasn’t done. This situation needed to be address right away because you would not want the any child to feel bad about him or herself, because the other children do not want to play with them. Perception by children that they are not good because of their race, gender, religion, or some other characteristic can also have an impact on their interactions with peers and adults, their engagement in the classroom, and subsequently their school success (Curenton, S.M., & Iruka, I.U. (2013).).
Parents need to be notified in fact, this type of curriculum home base ethnic should be implanting at home. If parents can acknowledge culture difference...

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