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Hayley Tripp

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My topic is over bullying, and how it causes; long term, and short term effects
on a human's life. Bullying has always been a problem in today's world. No matter how
old, or young you are, it happens. You could be the victim, or you could be the
suspect, or the you could be the bully. Bullying can affect the human nature in a lot of

Bullying causes depression, and makes you miserable. Some people may not

have the guts to get out of bed, to go to school; either because they are too scared,
or they are tired of being judged. It causes people to hide at home, and make them
afraid to be themselves in public. They will try their hardest to impress, but to them it
never will seem good enough. They would have a feeling of not wanting to be alive,
they would feel done with everything; they would eventually give up all the way, and be
gone for good.

Bullying will cause a negative atmosphere, and will make society a bad place. A
negative atmosphere is a place nobody wants to live in. It'll eventually bring you, and
others around you down, as well. Basically, no one wants a friend that hurts others. A
negative atmosphere will never be a fun place to live in, for anyone.

Bullying causes long term effects. Bullying can cause psychological problems,

making you feel inadequate, and or worthless. It will eventually lead to people self
harming such as; cutting, and causing pain to their own selves. After that, it leads to
suicidal thoughts; which leads into real suicide. It h…...