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Anti-Drug Analysis

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Anti-Drug legislation Analysis
Joe Lamb
May 21, 2012
Lora Terrill

Anti-Drug legislation Analysis The topic of paper will focus on the numerous anti-drug policies created by federal and state legislation. Furthermore, the similarities and differences between the various states will be compared with federal policy. An analysis will further be provided regarding the legalization or decriminalization of the drug marijuana and the possible impact legalizing drugs like marijuana could have on the federal, state, and local law enforcement, corrections, and society. In 1875, San Francisco was the first state to enact a ban that prohibited individuals from smoking opium. Unfortunately, the Act targeted mainly Chinese immigrants but was a leading factor to the creation of future antidrug laws. In 1914 the Harrison Act came into effect which required all medical professionals dealing in morphine, opium, and other substances to register with the federal government and pay an annual tax of one dollar. Any individual not registered and who were caught trafficking drugs could be punished with a fine of not more than two thousand dollars and serve up to five years in prison. Before the Heroin Maintenance Act was put into effect in 1920, individuals addicted to drugs could be treated at a clinic with medially prescribed Heroin. Studies conducted over time proved that the use of heroin to treat substance abuse was only causing further damage by prolonging one's addiction and delaying other more positive medical treatments. This in return, was the end of legally obtainable heroin in medical facilities across the United States. In 1937 Congress decided to implement another drug tax but this time on marijuana. The Marijuana tax Act placed a one dollar tax on every ounce of marijuana distributed and individuals who avoided paying this tax could be prosecuted. The Boggs...

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