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Best Management Practice 3 Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and Arabian Sea Area


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Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Arabian Sea Area
(Version 3 – June 2010)

Suggested Planning and Operational Practices for Ship Operators, and Masters of Ships Transiting the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea

First Printed June 2010 ISBN 978 1 85609 397 2

Terms of Use The advice and information given in this booklet (“Booklet”) is intended purely as guidance to be used at the user’s own risk. No warranties or representations are given nor is any duty of care or responsibility accepted by the Authors, their membership or employees of any person, firm, corporation or organisation (who or which has been in any way concerned with the furnishing of information or data, the compilation or any translation, publishing, supply of the Booklet) for the accuracy of any information or advice given in the Booklet or any omission from the Booklet or for any consequence whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from compliance with, adoption of or reliance on guidance contained in the Booklet even if caused by a failure to exercise reasonable care on the part of any of the aforementioned parties.

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Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Introduction Somali Pirate Activity Risk Assessment Typical Pirate Attacks Implementing BMP Company Planning Masters’ Planning Prior to Transit – Voyage Planning…...

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... passage or fishing operations in the area. Whenever fishing vessels are equipped with VMS devices, their manager should provide MSCHOA with access to VMS data. Fishing vessels should avoid sailing through areas where they have been informed that suspected pirate ‘mother ships’ have been identified and should use all means to detect, as soon as possible, any movement of large or small vessels that could be suspicious. Fishing vessels should always identify themselves upon request from aircraft or ships from Operation ATALANTA or other international or national anti-piracy operation. 2. 3. 4. 5. 56 6. Military, merchant and fishing vessels should respond without delay to any identification request made by a fishing vessel being approached (to facilitate early action to make escape possible, especially if the vessel is fishing). III. IN CASE OF ATTACK 1. 2. In case of an attack or sighting a suspicious craft, warn the Authorities (UKMTO and MSCHOA) and the rest of the fleet. Communicate the contact details of the second master of the vessel (who is on land) whose knowledge of the vessel could contribute to the success of a military intervention. Recommendations only for Purse Seiners 3. 4. Evacuate all personnel from the deck and the crow’s nest. If pirates have taken control of the vessel and the purse seine is spread out, encourage the pirates to allow the nets to be recovered. If recovery of the purse seine is allowed, follow the instructions for......

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... types have severely affected the software industry not only socially but economically as well. When we talk about software piracy in Pakistan, it is said that it is almost a decade old (Sarwar). It started right at the time when the use of personal computer at domestic level became common. As mentioned earlier, piracy includes the distribution of softwares either among friends or colleagues. In this way a single copy of setup is distributed among the whole community. The problem is spreading like fire in the forest. Every person who is using computer at an individual level is a victim of piracy. Although software piracy has strong base in the public as well widespread roots in IT industry but software manufacturers should ban it for the future using anti-piracy measures like copyright laws, self defense and tracking codes and initiation of open source or free versions. Software piracy has become an issue of every common person. It has now entered in the base of Pakistani society. According to different surveys conducted in Pakistan, percentage of piracy has come out to be very high. As a result, Pakistan is considered to be among the countries that have most users of pirated softwares. According to 2007 survey of Business Software Alliance (BSA), the piracy rate of Pakistan was 84% which was equal to the loss of 125 million dollars to the companies. Another survey, conducted by BSA in 2009, shows that four out of every 10 programs installed on personal computers is pirated...

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...Piracy- Now a major offense PHI 300 SEC 1 EMPL ID 773958 In America, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is the trade organization that works to protect intellectual property of artists and music labels. They attempt to prevent piracy of artists’ work by in some cases prosecuting offenders. According to the RIAA, global piracy causes $12.5 billion of economic losses every year, 71060 U.S. jobs lost, a loss of $2.7 billion in workers earnings (RIAA). How exactly then do prosecutors solve this issue? Their answer is to sue for excessive amounts, and even prosecuting to where it can lead up to 5 years in prison. One prime example of this unfair justice is the fairly new case involving Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who illegally downloaded over 1700 songs from a p2p network. It is unethical for such a corporation to incarcerate or even sue for such a misdemeanor offense (Barret, 2010). The evolution of how we obtain music has become easier to the public due to programs that allow people to download single songs or even albums, preventing them from having to leave their homes. Although it may seem effortless, downloading music has some stipulations that go along with how you are receiving the files. Basically what it boils down to is, if you did not pay for it, then it is illegal and considered piracy (RIAA). Illegal actions should be dealt with, but the question is, “Should the RIAA be rewarded such unruly amounts of cash, or better yet send people to jail...

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...Digital Piracy DIGITAL PIRACY In a day and age when almost all creative works can be put into digital form and legally distributed, there is also a huge potential for theft. This type of theft is known as digital piracy or intellectual property theft and often results in lost revenue, jobs, and wages. Battling online theft is a daily challenge for copyright owners. Digital piracy occurs when creative works such as graphics, photos, movies, songs, or text are distributed online without the consent of the artist, creator, or author and is in direct violation of copyright laws. (Artists Against Digital Theft) These thieves are often referred to as digital pirates. These pirates often setup professional and well-designed websites that trick consumers into believing they are legal. These websites are usually hosted overseas so that digital pirates can avoid requests to remove illegal content. It is very costly and time consuming for copyright owners to pursue international litigation to stop illegal distribution of their creative works. (Artists Against Digital Theft) In an attempt to stop digital piracy, the creative community is uniting together to “champion the rights of artists.” (Artists Against Digital Theft) A website called, Stop Stealing My Future, hosts a contest to help raise awareness about digital piracy. Artists upload videos of themselves explaining how digital piracy affects jobs and the digital arts industry. (Stop Stealing My Future) Another...

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... could take an idea from the home video industry. The larger video makers found that if they sold videos in foreign countries through their own dealerships, the amount of piracy decreased. A rather unique strategy used by American software manufactures helps raise local interest in stopping software piracy. Companies invest money to begin software corporations in foreign countries. After a few years, the US companies hope that the new, foreign companies will initiate their own anti-piracy organizations. Microsoft has led the venture by creating small software companies to help battle piracy. By doing this, the companies would want to report piracy because they would be losing money just like American companies are doing now. The Software Publishers Association, based in Washington, D.C., was developed to combat software piracy. As of 1993 the SPA has brought more than 1300 court cases against software pirates. The SPA has a toll-free number that has helped catch many pirates and prosecute them. The SPA is not merely a law enforcement agency. It meets twice a year with representatives from software companies. Together they decide how to make their software better and also how to better serve the consumer. In the spring 1993 conference the SPA decided that if software packagers could develop a standard way to clearly label a software box, the consumer would immediately know if the program would run well on his computer. This labeling would help reduce the number of software...

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...Thanks to motion pictures and of such fictions as, “Treasure Island”,”Peter Pan” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the pirate of imagination is a romantic blend of many details. He is pictured as a swarthy ruffian with a black beard or a fierce mustache. He wears gold earrings and a large hat and he carries a dagger with a pistol on his belt. Often giving orders such as, “Burry the treasure” or “Walk the plank”. He is often depicted as a cavalier in high boots and an elegant over coat. The pirate of imagination and in that of motion pictures is that of a thief but the audience grows to like him though the movie as he is usually very good looking, sly ,stealthy while saving a “damsel in distress” and or there is a love story in the script. In actuality, pirates were more often desperate, drunken men who dressed in tatters, wasted food and money and were dishonest outlaws who rarely got the girl unless she was forced. Pirates often turned to piracy in protest against oppressive conditions at home or on merchant ships. The life of a free unrestrained outlaw is what they sought. While there aren’t very many real pirates left in the world today we do still have a major problem with piracy. Pirates no longer require war ships, daggers or swords just computers and advanced technology. People who rebel against the common laws of our nations and who only care about filling their pockets and about their own well-being. Today’s pirates are pirates of technology, stealing information...

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...Klodd Moore Mr. Vauhn EN 1320 8/7/13 Piracy vs. Copyright Violation The ongoing dispute over illegal Internet-based file sharing between the entertainment and software industries and the vast, online pirating community has been one of the most debated topics. Gripping public attention for the past decades. Napster, a website created by a college dropout became an empire. Used by hundreds of millions of people, that robs billions in revenue each year. Although these rogue websites claimed to only be hosts for illegal file sharing, the United States government took action to eliminate Internet piracy and protect copyright by implementing digital encryption technologies and strict laws that prohibit tampering with these encryptions. The trafficking of copyrighted goods must be put to an end because it promotes illegal transactions of an owner’s intellectual property, causing sales in the entertainment and software industries to plummet and thereby restricts the growth of the economy. Internet piracy is the unlawful reproduction and/or distribution of any copyrighted digital file without the permission from the owner. It is driven by the consumers demand for a desirable product that would otherwise be unobtainable, either because of financial limitations or cultural factors, such as the Chinese culture’s emphasis that the free sharing of knowledge creates and preserves both civilization and traditional values across generations (Lu 310). Consequently, such a mindset that...

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... result, Software Piracy is now an illegal act in most countries. One of the main advantages of Software Piracy is cost: the software is free or almost free to obtain. In addition, the software is easy to obtain, most often through the internet. However, pirating software brings with it many disadvantages; the main disadvantage being the activity is an illegal offense. Not only is pirating software illegal, quite often the software is not clean of viruses and does not come with manuals and technical support. It also has implications on the software industry itself. Not only do they experience lower revenues as a result, but they must also adapt their business models to “compete” with illegal versions of their own software. Today, the prevention of Software Piracy is being managed through public education programs, and technology such as anti-copying software, authorization codes or on-line registration forms. The last resort to reduce piracy is legal action, however this is an expensive and difficult approach to reducing this rapidly growing industry. Common Types of Piracy There are five main, common ways in which people pirate software. They can be classified as follows: 1. End-user piracy: found most often in small or ordinary businesses, this software involves buying one legitimate copy of the software, and installing and sharing it with many other PCs within the workplace. This is a form of piracy due to the licensing issue above; one license does not...

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...Piracy in Somalia Somalia has been dealing with piracy for decades now. Piracy is a major problem in today’s waters, but what exactly is piracy? Piracy is the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea. The piracy epidemic in Somalia is not going to go away overnight. Piracy in Somalia has drastically affected everything about the country. Piracy might now sound like a whole lot of a big deal, but the real fact is, it is a big deal. Solving such an issue as piracy is not an easy task by any means. To solve any issue one must understand the effects of the issue. The effect of Somalian piracy on the shores of Somalia can be fully understood, but it takes, time, patience and hard work. The Somalian pirates have caused untold mayhem on Somalia’s environment, economy people, and the Government One of the biggest thing affected by the piracy in Somalia is the environment. Somali pirates are linked to illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping. As Saeed Shabazz puts it. Over fishing is a huge problem for Somalia right now. Not only is it a problem for them but also for the world. Since there is over fishing the fish populations in that area are deplenishing. The fish are not given enough time to reproduce causing less fish. Thus the effect of that is less food all around, which causes the Somalian pirates to move all along the shores of Somalia depleting the resources in the sea. Toxic waste dumping by the pirates in the sea is also another major problem. The waste the...

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...Copyright and Book Piracy in Pakistan Khalid Mahmood Department of Library & Information Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore Muhammad Ilyas Department of Library & Information Science, University of Balochistan, Quetta Copyright Defined Copyright is a legal term describing rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works. Kinds of works covered by copyright include: literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers and computer programs; databases; films, musical compositions, and choreography; artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture; architecture; and advertisements, maps and technical drawings. Legal Definition of Copyright According to The Copyright Ordinance, 1962 The exclusive right to reproduce the work in any material form to publish the work to perform the work in public to produce, reproduce, perform or publish any translation of the work to broadcast the work to make any adaptation of the work Book Piracy Deliberate infringement of copyright on intellectual property and an absolute disregard for ownership or authorship of literary works OR Using another person’s opinion, ideas or works as if they were one’s own and without making any attempt at acknowledging their true source The Berne Convention Adopted by an international conference held in 1886 at Berne, Switzerland 8th amendment in 1979 Salient features: National...

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... transported through this route is lost to piracy, the pirate attacks that have occurred consequently, increasing insurance premiums that in turn raises the cost of security. In this region, most of the attacks reported are break-ins well the ship is docked. Hijackings are rare but have occurred. GULF OF GUINEA The Gulf of Guinea contains an enormous amount of natural resources including plenty of oil and natural gas reserves. With these natural resources also comes a rich marine ecosystem. “Nigeria accounts for more than 65% of the total seaboard traffic.” (Reuchlin, 2012) Most of the population in Nigeria is living in poverty. This makes any form of employment desirable. Many individuals turn to piracy in order to survive. These attacks are dangerously violent and the vast majority of ships attacked are cargo vessels. Pirates choose their ships strategically while already knowing the items carried on board. PIRACY: AVOIDING ATTACKS AND MINIMIZING THE IMPACTS   4   PIRACY:  AVOIDING  ATTACKS  AND  MINIMIZING  THE  IMPACTS   5   ECONOMIC RISK The economic impacts of piracy are broad in scope. There are many costs that companies incur due to piracy. Seven of the main costs include: 1. Increased insurance premiums, 2. Security costs, 3. Uninsured product loss, 4. Vessel damages, 5. Re-routing, 6. Increased travel speeds and 7. Anti-piracy companies. Modern costs of insuring product and personnel against piracy attacks are......

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...Digital piracy is making up profit from illegal copying and reselling music, videos, software videogames and other digital media which requires genuine. In 2005, loses of legal media and software industry from digital piracy was $200 billion (DSTI/IND (2007). Also, Oberholzer-Gee (2010) indicates that 60% of World Wide Web broadband busy by consumers’ video, game and music sharing. To avoid this issue intellectual proprietors use various methods. In this paper is shown methods to dodge problem of digital piracy. There are two ways to protect legal digital content from piracy. Firstly, there is indirectly impact to society, where manufacturers are producing additional equipment like guitars for game “Guitar Hero” and forwarding special social services where people can play with each other via internet, so while people playing, system is checking license (Goel, 2010). In addition, companies perform free software with fewer options than paid software. Moreover, some organizations such as Free Software Association and Open Source agitation, which advert spreading software for free have helped to grapple with problem of expensive software and companies that gain from this, for example, Microsoft (Hill, 2007). Secondly, there is direct impact on users, where companies and internet providers use methods which impacts directly on users such as blocking peer-to-peer connections between users and web-sites where users can download pirated software. Furthermore, closing the sources...

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... file sharing programs out there on the web that share a similar purpose but one called Bit Torrent, is a very popular program used to download and store software from the internet. This program also has many legal things you can get off of it too. Big video game companies like Blizzard use this as an an easy way to access media and to use it as a middle man to distribute there products. This is also used by researchers to give out important scientific data so that the public and government can obtain them. Companies support programs like these and have no problem sharing content through them. In our world of anti piracy paying customers are punished, while people who pirate get the luxury of free content. Even though piracy is considered illegal by law, whether you agree with it or not it can be beneficial to organizations and in the long run will create a more stable economy. This war is still not over yet though, the government is still trying to introduce other ways to give the government power over the internet. Some people just do not want to believe that piracy will almost be impossible to stop without going to the extreme and blacklisting websites. “We can’t compete with free. That’s an economic paradigm that doesn’t work.” (James Gianupolos,2003,p. 322). This was said over a decade ago before pirating was a huge issue and still applies to today. All we can do is band together as a community, fight for for what we believe in and stop companies from destroying...

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... Copyright Act of 1956 to reflect the needs of software authors and publishers. This campaign was successful, and FAST has since been able to influence other legislation that impacts the proper safeguarding of software. The work of FAST in this area has directly influenced the way software copyright law and investigations are carried out in many other countries. There are quite a few different methods to report piracy.  These methods include contacting watch groups, e-mailing the publisher of the pirated software, calling piracy hotlines, and filling out online forms. Resources that could be going toward software development is instead diverted to anti-piracy research which means that it takes longer for new software to be developed. By reporting piracy, users can help protect the software industry. The first method of reporting piracy is to e-mail the software publisher. Many publishers have a special e-mail that you can use to report suspected piracy. Many times this e-mail is something like, where “publisher” is replaced by the name of the company. However, you should look at the publisher’s website to be certain. If you e-mail, you should provide the company with as much information as possible, including the name of the company you suspect is making or selling pirated software, their address and phone number, the contact name for the company, why you suspect piracy, names of suspected pirated products, and number of suspected product installations.......

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