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United States Anti-Terrorism

There has been allot of debate regarding the war on terrorism. The most controversial debate is of the PATRIOT Act and if it violates civil rates. There are several topics that need to be addressed in order to justify the initiation of the PATRIOT Act. It is obvious that this Act has kept American’s safe since its existence, but we have to see how long our safety last without it.
US Anti-Terrorism
The US Government has to protect American’s even if it requires violating someone’s privacy, adding stringent policies for immigration laws, and deporting illegals. There are many people that debate these laws go against their civil rights, but they should have been considered long before the attacks on America. These are not laws that were enforced to take away the rights of everyone’s religious beliefs, but to target extremist who want to hurt innocent Americans. Our safety in this country is much more important than someone feeling violated. Without the help of surveillance after 911, there could have been a higher death toll due to hidden terrorist cells in this country. Surveillance seems to strike everyone as unconstitutional, but it goes beyond someone’s rights when terrorists are plotting against innocent people in this country. In a situation such as this, you have to ask if it’s patriotic to assist with these hidden terrorist cells by forbidding such security measures or if it’s indeed patriotic to allow the government to do whatever’s necessary to keep our country free and safe (ACLU, 2003).
After 911, some immigrants were denied citizenship and even visas due to their associations and views, but this was for the safety of our country. The Patriot Act should have been enacted long before thousands lost their lives; why wait for such a tragedy to develop patriotism? Many immigrants…...