Anti-Trust Laws

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A Competitive America
Tonya Y. Stansberry
DeVry University

American businesses are based on free trade in a Capitalist system. In its simplest form this means that each business is free to compete with the next. That the entrepreneur is free to risk and open a business whether it is for social gain or profit. Businesses openly compete for the business of the client or customer because they need the income. Businesses have been competing among one another since the industrialization of the United States of America. There have not always rules and regulations to govern fair and equitable trade and business practices. However, with competition came regulation for business and trade.

A Competitive America
As Americans we love to compete. Therefore it is no wonder that the United States economy is based on competition. Promoting competition is accepted as the best way to promote consumer well-being. America’s anti-trust laws have been in place for more than 100 years, since the Industrialization of America protecting the consumer’s rights. However, more countries have passed anti-trust laws in the past 20 years. America’s anti-trust laws were passed to focus on anti-competitive practices.
Americans have long loved free market system and the competition that it fosters. Competition among businesses has been regulated by anti-trust acts recently; however they help to maintain a fair and equitable system where the small business is able to compete with the big business. The anti-trust laws enable the consumer to purchase a quality product at an affordable price due to the competitive market that it sets in place between the businesses. Anti-trust laws are needed to continually handle the companies that would be dishonest in business practices if not for regulations and rules.…...