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Anxiety and Depression in the Work Place

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Search Strategy

To facilitate my search criteria, I sought the use of various search engines such as Google scholars, Bing, ProQuest and Academic OneFile. In order to identify what I was meant to research and comprehend, I used certain keywords and certain phrases which are relevant to the topic I picked. The following are the keywords that I picked for search purpose
• Causes of anxiety in workplace
• Workplace depression
• Effect of Alcohol and drug dependence on workplace
• Anxiety and work environment
• Boredom in job
• Stress in workplace
• organizational commitment & employee discontent
• Physical fitness and work related issues
• Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
• Coping with Anxiety and Depression
• Impact of anxiety and depression on organization and economy

I had analyzed the various key words which are related to the topic and compared sourced information from other related sites for the topic. To find how organizations deal with anxiety and depression and how this affects other employees I initiated discussions with the human resource dept and the different chiefs of the company that I work, namely Gulf Cement Co.

The Preliminary research question that I will be addressing in the literature review

What are the effects of anxiety and depression in the work place and how organizations deal with it?

A list of 6 – 8 Keywords and their definitions related to the above topic
• Job-Anxiety:
When an actual or imagined confrontation with the workplace or certain stimuli at the workplace (e.g. persons, objects, situations, events) causes a prominent anxiety reaction in a person. Secondly, avoidance behavior towards the workplace or associated stimuli has developed.
• Workplace depression:
It is a state of low mood and aversion to...

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