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A highly talented procurement Officer with substantial knowledge in performing various duties and responsibilities in the Procurement Department. I can improve efficiency and productivity, by utilizing strong business detail-mind, an analytical thinker who adapts quickly to new roles and is tenacious with follow through Innovative team player with strong communication skills. Moreover, I can provide excellent customer service for a variety of services while multi-tasking, maintaining confidentiality, and interacting with management, employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers. Am now looking forward to obtain a position which will challenge me and help the organization continue to be successful.

I look forward to upholding my professionalism, ethics and integrity in all duties and tasks assigned in order to advance my career by using excellent leadership, motivational and networking skills through both on-the-job experience and additional training to accomplish set goals and objectives that will contribute to the continued success of the company.

Personal Details * Year of Birth : 1994 * Marital Status: Single

Education and Professional Qualification: * Bachelors in Purchasing and Supplies Management, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, 2012-2014 * Certified Public Accountants level one, Vision Institute of Professionals, (Nairobi), 2011-May 2011 * Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, A-(Minus), Highway Secondary School, 2007-2010

Key Professional Skills and Competencies: * Strong knowledge of basic principles and procedures of procurement * Deep knowledge of principles of business letter writing and basic report preparation * Ability to work efficiently and effectively under no supervision * Remarkable knowledge and usage of modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment * Exceptional knowledge of computer applications related to the work * Profound ability to respond to requests and inquiries from the general public * Sound ability to interpret, apply and explain applicable rules and regulations * In-depth ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions * Great ability to maintain confidentiality of work records * Ability to maintain and manage time

June to November 2011; Position; BOG Teacher

School; Matuiku Day Secondary School

Duties and Responsibilities * Teaching Mathematics, Business Studies and Chemistry. * Disciplining naughty students. * Being on duty.

June to December 2013; Position; procurement officer

Organization; Jambo Tours and Travels.

Duties and responsibilities

* Store management and stock control * Procuring planning in relation to budgetary allocation * Inspection of stock received

Jan to April 2014; Position; Attachee;
County Government of Laikipia
One of the 47 units of devolved government established in 2013

Duties and Responsibilities: * Store management and stock control * Procuring planning in relation to budgetary allocation * Preparation of vote book * Preparation of tender documents * Participation in various tender processing committee i.e. tender opening, tender evaluation and inspection * Preparation of tender committee meeting minutes and reports * Preparation of documents using IFMIS Systems e. g. invoicing, entering supplier’s information, validating, payment etc. * Evaluation of tenders among other duties

Hobbies/Interest: * Reading * Travelling * Community Development * Filling Sudoku * Social networking


Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic and performance.

Mr. Paul Njenga
Head of Procurement
Laikipia County Government
Tel: +254 721 870 681

Mr. Peterson Mureithi
Jambo Tours and Travels
Tel: +254 723 492 031

Mr. Dennis Chege
Attachment and Project Coordinator
Department of Entrepreneurship and Procurement
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Tel: +254 721 850 139

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